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Socks In The City: How We Used Video to Inspire Our Team

The Bay Area, where the GoAnimate office is headquartered, has an astounding disparity between the tech scene and our homeless population. We wanted to give back to our community and decided to donate new socks for the homeless.

Why Socks?

Access to socks is very limited for the homeless living in shelters and on the street. Wet feet, ill-fitting shoes, plus constant standing can breed bacteria, which causes infection. The best way to prevent such conditions is to keep feet clean and dry with a pair of socks. Socks are some the least donated articles of clothing but the most needed. Shelters have a constant shortage. People very rarely donate new socks to the homeless. Socks are simple, inexpensive, and yet a vitally important way you can make a big impact on someone in need.

As a team, we took a small step towards giving back to our community. Earlier this month, GoAnimate hosted a sock drive to benefit  St. Anthony’s, “Socks in the City” program. We asked that our colleagues donate new, men’s socks to the Sock Drive. St. Anthony’s is trying to get collect 10,000 socks this year. Our office goal was to assemble 270 pairs of socks, and while we didn’t hit 270, 212 was a noble effort.

Using Videos to Inspire Your Office

We announced the Sock Drive with a video, using the Common Craft theme in our videomaker. The Common Craft theme is automatically offered to GoTeam subscribers. The video announced the drive in a fresh and effective way rather than sending a generic company-wide email. If you’re looking to do your own office fundraiser we recommend making a similar video to announce fun office activities. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to get fun shots like this one:

We would love to have you help us reach our goal. If you’d like to donate to St. Anthony’s, “Socks in the City” you can send new men’s socks to GoAnimate’s office to:

204 2nd Ave, Ste 635

San Mateo, California


We’d be happy to bring them to the donation center for you.

Donating is easy. And while your donation may not seem like a lot, combined with everyone else, it becomes something much bigger and much more impactful.

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