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Cloud-based Video Editing with WeVideo

We give a lot of thought to the types of videos our subscribers make – and want to make. We hope this shows in our product feature rollouts, and also in the partnerships we pursue.

You may have noticed a few additions to the export options in the sharing overlay. Today, we’d like to introduce you to WeVideo, which is this blue button.



WeVideo is a powerful cloud-based video editor. For GoAnimate users, its primary appeal will be the ability to combine animation and live action video clips into the same video.

Now I know what you’re thinking – I can import video clips into GoAnimate! That’s true; you can. But there’s a few use cases in which you’re going to be very glad we’re working with WeVideo.

The first is if you are working with a lot of video clips. The built-in editor on GoAnimate can certainly handle a few. But if you’re working a large number of clips, or clips with a long duration, then you may find it’s better to assemble the final piece externally, such as within WeVideo.

The second is if you want to combine animated and live action elements within the same scene. Again, you can do this on GoAnimate by importing the live action clip as a background and dropping your animate on top of it. But the same limitations about the number and length of the video clips apply. In these instances, export your animated clips to WeVideo and use their advanced Chroma-Keying filter to combine the two.

The third is if you’re on the go a lot and want to edit on mobile. WeVideo has apps for iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets. That’s convenient right off the bat. But if you’re also shooting on your mobile device, it becomes doubly convenient. Factor in the direct export from GoAnimate to WeVideo, and we’ll call it triply convenient.

WeVideo take the same approach to plans and pricing as GoAnimate. There are free accounts you can check out to make sure it’s for you. These are limited, which is fair enough. Once you’re sold on the value, you can step up to a Premium or Pro plan. Check it out!