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How to Combine the Power of GoAnimate and Lectora Online

Video has the power to visually capture an eLearning audience. It also gives you the ability to explain One of my favorite ways of using video in eLearning is during the onboarding process.

Sometimes teaching new employees the ropes can be a daunting task and take up a large portion of someone’s day. That’s why blended training plans are my preferred method—they balance time with an instructor or mentor and time on the computer. You should first address emotional and physical needs, like bonding with new teammates and showing them where the bathroom is. Starting a new job can be a bit stressful, so make the new people feel comfortable before diving in. But once material can be shared at their desks, why not make it visual and impressive?

Using GoAnimate

With GoAnimate you can create video scenarios using scenes, characters, props, text, vidgets, and sound. Using these options, you can have control over what learners will see while teaching them valuable information. One of my favorite examples of using GoAnimate in the onboarding process is by creating a welcome to the company or team video. This gives you the chance to explain what your company or team does at a high level. It also helps learners put together the pieces before being thrown into individual tasks. Here are a few topics you should consider:

  • The mission and values of the company
  • The history of the company
  • How the company/team fits into the current market
  • What the person watching can contribute to the company/team
  • What tasks the person watching may have to complete
  • An introduction to the company from the CEO/President
  • An overview of who to contact in case of certain questions (i.e. IT, HR, etc.)

Using Lectora Online

After creating that welcome video, I then like to place it into Lectora® Online. By placing it within a course shell, you can add non-video related material like links to resources and tests. This also gives you the ability to publish to a compliant package like SCORM or AICC for your learning management system, giving you a wider delivery platform. To export GoAnimate videos for use in Lectora Online, follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Go to Your Videos from the Your Account option in GoAnimate
  2. Select the video you wish to export
  3. Scroll down and from the Export section, select the Export to Lectora button
  4. Enter your Lectora Online login info and select Connect
  5. Select which output you want to export your video to (the conversion process can take between a few minutes to a few hours)
  6. Select the Watch on Lectora option (this will open Lectora Online in a new tab; log in if prompted)
  7. Create a new title or open an existing one
  8. In Lectora, click the Insert option and select the Video drop-down
  9. Select the Media Library option
  10. Make sure you are in Shared Media and select the video you want to insert
  11. Press the Select button to insert the video

As you can see, using Lectora Online and GoAnimate together makes for more powerful training material.  Simply create your video using the easy-to-use video editor. Then publish it out and place it into your Lectora Online course.


Jennifer Valley is the Community Manager for the Trivantis Community. She’s also an avid eLearning enthusiast and content developer. When Jennifer isn’t answering questions out of the community, she enjoys sharing her knowledge through blogs, videos, and contests.