Drive positive ROI with GoAnimate

At the end of the year, companies are focused on numbers—revenue, budgets, performance—what’s happened over the past year and what they hope to accomplish in the new one. Determining what initiatives will drive the highest return on investment (ROI) is a critical component of building business strategy and making sure those numbers add up.

It’s not surprising that we spend a lot of time figuring out not only the ROI for our own programs, but for the GoAnimate platform itself.

There’s resounding agreement that video is an impressive catalyst for engagement in training, e-learning, marketing, HR and many other business functions. But video production is not something that can be taken lightly. Many aspects of making videos can be daunting. From concept to creation, there are a number of factors that can eat up both time and money, leaving that ROI number flat, or in some cases, negative.

That’s definitely not the case with GoAnimate. Using GoAnimate to create videos in house saves on production costs and allows you to be more productive with your time. Let’s take a look at a few of the areas you can save with GoAnimate and achieve positive ROI.

GoAnimate vs. Outsourcing

It can cost $5-10K to independently produce one video, and even more if you have late edits. With GoAnimate, you can make as many videos as you like and edit them whenever necessary at no additional cost. With GoTeam subscriptions starting at $1,000 per year—not even per video—that’s a lot of value.

Time-to-Value / Economies of Scale

Tackling your video projects in-house puts you in the driver’s seat, where you can work as quickly as you need to. With GoAnimate, you can complete your first video in just a few hours, and each video you make after that will take even less time. So instead of managing a single video project that takes weeks, or even months, you can be managing multiple video projects and whatever else you have on your plate.

Cost Management

Engagement with animated video is a lot less expensive than sending your subject-matter experts around the globe to communicate critical business information. GoAnimate videos are the perfect way to convey internal organization updates or change and transformation objectives. They’re efficient for employee onboarding or microlearning, or whatever information you may feel requires more of a “human” touch. All at a fraction of the cost of travel or live action video production.

In the end, whether you’re working on employee training, employee onboarding, or marketing campaigns, you can drive positive ROI from using GoAnimate to create your animated videos.