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GoAnimate Review: The Easiest Way to Make Professional Animated Videos

Brandon Schaefer, Founder of 90DayEntrepreneur, reviews the GoAnimate platform. In this post, Brandon shares his thoughts on GoAnimate and an interview with our COO, Gary Lipkowitz. 

Here’s a snippet:

Use GoAnimate’s video platform to increase content and inbound marketing conversions, to grab your audiences attention, to share dynamic charts and infographics, to increase the reach of your Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign, to create unique sales presentations that clients love to engage with, and to create and share unique and compelling video content to any of the major social media networks that support video.

The bottom line with GoAnimate is that it enables users to differentiate themselves from the pack, and when people differentiate themselves from the pack, it gives them a distinct advantage, and when people have a distinct advantage, it typically relates to increased revenues and higher profit margins… this is why it’s important to use video!”

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