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Import Any Font into GoAnimate

We’re particularly excited to announce font importing — a feature our GoTeam business subscribers have been requesting for a long time.

GoTeam users can now upload any TrueType (.ttf) or OpenType (.oft) font file into the GoAnimate video maker. This is excellent news if your company has specific font guidelines; your GoAnimate videos can match the rest of your materials.

Import your company fonts now by selecting the “Import Media” icon in the top right corner of the tray. Imported fonts work exactly as pre-existing fonts in GoAnimate, but there are a few best practices to keep in mind:

  • Don’t use too many fonts in one video. It doesn’t look great visually or contextually, but it can also slow down your video
  • There is still a 15MB file limit upload for font files
  • Be sure to read the licensing restrictions for each font before downloading for use on company materials.

TTTFontImportFont Resources

If you do not have branded company fonts, you can explore The League of Moveable Type, Dafont.com, and Google Fonts for creative typography inspiration.

The League of Moveable Type is an excellent resource for browsing font designs, and DaFont.com allows you to search for font styles that fit a particular project. You can search “business,” “fun,” or “handwritten,” for example. If you aren’t planning for a specific project, but want to begin adding stylized fonts to your videos – GoogleFonts will be the perfect resource.

GoogleFonts offers hundreds of free, open-sourced fonts that are optimized for the web and available for immediate (and mass) download.

Importing How-To

Here’s how you can import hundreds of additional fonts to your GoAnimate library in less than 5 minutes:

Google Fonts
Visit Google.com/fonts and select your preferred view. This image is set to “Poster” preview the fonts at 64pt.


Add Fonts to Your Collection
Hover over the fonts you like, and select “Add to Collection,” According to GoogleFont Analytics, Opensans & Roboto are the most popular.


Download Your Collection
When you’re finished adding fonts to your collection, download the font families as a .zip file by clicking the download icon in the upper right corner.

Unzip your file and copy the .ttf files into a single folder. Google will nicely separate each font into it’s own folder for you, but moving your files into one folder will save you time importing to GoAnimate.


In the GoAnimate Video Maker, select “Import Media” from the tray and “Select Files.” After importing, your files will automatically be available.