Launch your career with a Vyond internship

When people need help creating a video for their business, Vyond’s customer support (CS) team swoops in like superheroes.

Our CS specialists keep our business running by figuring out what our customers need and want. They work across departments to solve problems and make customers happy and successful.

We’re looking for the best and brightest students to join the Vyond CS team internship program. In this program, you’ll build tons of knowledge—learning about user experience, handling complaints, communicating to management—that can be applied to any area of a startup or established company.

If this description sparks your interest, consider applying for a Vyond internship—a paid program designed to teach you every area of customer experience.

Why a CS internship is the perfect start for your professional career

A customer-experience internship can help you build a diverse and practical set of skills to begin your professional life.

Handling incoming support tickets will get you up to speed quickly on how the product works and you’ll learn about the user experience from customers themselves. This insight is unique to the support role and sets you up for success beyond it as well. If you’re interested in other roles at a startup, such as product management or marketing, customer experience is a fantastic place to start.

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If you decide that you want to pursue a career in CS, you’ll be more likely to land a full-time role in the field with an internship on your resume. While interning, you’ll begin to acquire the expertise necessary to build your career in customer support. You’ll also get to know people from different departments, building relationships across Vyond’s 92-member (and growing!) organization.

Whether you pursue a career in CS or not, an internship in this field is a valuable stepping stone to your professional life after college.

The Vyond internship opportunity

A Vyond internship offers college students who are curious and diligent a unique mix of experiences.

First and foremost, the program is designed to build students’ customer support skills and prepare them for an entry-level job in the software industry. At the same time, interns are exposed to nearly every department across Vyond’s three offices (San Mateo, Hong Kong, and Taipei), so they can explore a variety of interests before they head into the workforce.

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“I want to give college students an understanding of customer support as well as an opportunity to learn about every corner of our business,” says Chetan Parmar, customer support specialist lead and CS internship coordinator at Vyond. Chet feels personally invested in the program as somebody who came to Vyond out of college. “This wasn’t a field that I thought about when I graduated,” Chet says, “but I enjoy it and I think there are a lot of people out there who can be great at this. I’m excited to spark interest in CS as a career and help break the stereotype of what people imagine a ‘support job’ to be.”

To gain meaningful exposure to the industry, Vyond interns are assigned tasks that an entry-level CS hire would be expected to complete:

  • Learning how to use customer relationship management (CRM) software to record customer information and handle service requests.
  • Providing basic troubleshooting and assistance to Vyond customers via email.
  • Opening and assigning support tickets to others for issues that can’t be solved directly.

Beyond these responsibilities, Vyond interns also complete a semester-long project that focuses on their area of interest. At the end of the program, interns present their projects to key CS team members, managers, and Vyond executives.

The Vyond internship is a busy yet rewarding commitment. You’ll build valuable communication skills that will help you succeed in your first job after college—and you might even receive an offer to join Vyond.

“If an intern is proficient and shows a positive attitude and work ethic, we would love to extend an offer when we have an opening on our CS team,” Chet says.

Meet our Spring 2019 intern: Parth Desai

The work of our recent intern Parth Desai, the first intern in our US office, highlights how much students can grow and learn about CS in our program.

As a sophomore at the University of San Francisco, Parth interned at Vyond in the spring of 2019. He is working on a bachelor’s degree in business administration, and he held one customer support position prior to interning at Vyond.

As an intern, Parth learned how to respond to customer support inquiries and became deeply familiar with Vyond’s product—just as an entry-level CS employee would.

“My main task was to answer customer troubleshooting tickets in Zendesk,” said Parth. “By doing this customer-facing task, I gained more knowledge about business than I gained in my business classes.”

Parth also immersed himself in studying the Vyond customer journey for his internship project. His goal was to find potential areas for improvement in Vyond’s current user experience. To conduct project research, he set up interviews with members of different Vyond departments—Sales, Finance, Marketing—to learn how our customers flow through sales and support pipelines.

“For my project, I analyzed the responses of customer success agents to see how effective the agent was in answering the customer’s question and what could be improved in the responses,” said Parth. “The project was my favorite part of the internship. I especially loved interviewing Vyond team members outside of CS and learning how each department contributes to the company.”

Over the course of his internship, Parth became a reliable and valuable member of the CS team.

“He became much more confident in using our product and responding to customer inquiries,” Chet says. “I could send almost any support request his way and knew that he would be able to handle it and respond tactfully.”

The internship also gave Parth an opportunity to refine his presentation skills at the culmination of the internship.

“At the end of the program, interns present their project in front of Vyond employees,” Chet says. “Parth’s public speaking skills were particularly impressive. He was clear and engaging, even as he spoke in front of several Vyond managers and executives.”

Interested? Apply today

If our customer support internship sounds exciting to you, we’d welcome your application.

We’re looking for interns based on a variety of business needs. The program is managed out of the CS department and personalized to the skills and interests of the people we meet. We can only hire one intern per semester.

Check out our breakdown of the program details so you can decide whether the internship might be a good fit:

  • Who is eligible: Students working on a 2-year or 4-year degree
  • Schedule: 15-20 hours/week in San Mateo office; willing to work around class schedules
  • Compensation: $20/hour + can work with your university to provide academic credit
  • Benefits: Unlimited snacks, frequent lunch celebrations, and potential to move into a full-time position upon graduation

Sound like you? Check to see if we’re currently hiring interns.