New Features: Introducing Whiteboard Animation On GoAnimate! (VIDEO TUTORIAL)


Whiteboard image via Shutterstock Whiteboard image via Shutterstock

You asked, we delivered! Introducing our newest business exclusive theme: Whiteboard Animation!

No need to set up a studio, an artist, and some advanced editing software. Now you can produce your own professional whiteboard animation-style video using your mouse and your favorite internet browser on GoAnimate!

The Whiteboard Animation theme includes thousands of hand-drawn assets like props and backgrounds, plus hundreds of character actions that fit a wide variety of professions and business settings.

Whenever you add a whiteboard animation prop, background, or character in a scene, this asset will appear to be drawn by a hand holding a marker pen in the final video. No extra action required. But that’s not all. You can also easily adjust the image by changing its timing and adding a delay to better fit the video’s script.

With Whiteboard Animation, your next video is sure to be a show-stopper. This theme is sure to wow any crowd – eLearners, trainers, video marketers, presenters and presentees – and more.

Check out the video tutorial below for an introduction to our newest theme and our ENTER/EXIT tool.

Here are some additional tips and tricks to help get your right foot forward!

Obsess over timing with perfect sync’ing
By default, elements in the final video will be drawn following the sequence in which they were added to the video. But once again, this can easily be customized by dragging and dropping assets along a sequential timeline. This way you can make sure the right asset is drawn at the right time, thus communicating your message in the most effective manner by sync’ing the animation with the voice over.


Pace yourself in pre-production mode
Whiteboard is quite a specific style of video. When you produce your video, remember that every single asset you add will be drawn into the scene and that for best result, the voice over you add should play continuously. So, it’s important to minimize the number of assets you use and treat the drawing animation added as a way to support the message you want to convey rather than just being used as a transition effect. It’s important to plan ahead and take into account the content of the video to create the script and produce the voice over.


Use our new fonts which have been optimized for Whiteboard Animation
In whiteboard animation, text is a crucial component. That’s why on GoAnimate we offer a set of handwritten fonts specifically optimized for whiteboard animation. Whether used for large titles or small paragraphs, these fonts will look great and will appear to have been drawn by hand. Font colors can also be changed to make specific information stand out from the otherwise black and white theme.

As always, let us know what you think! Leave us a comment on Facebook or tweet at us.

Happy animating, from your friends at GoAnimate!

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