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New Whiteboard Animation Writing Tool Options

In a Whiteboard video, the writing or drawing tool, often a hand, is used to lead the storyline and engage the viewer with the concept. The tool can serve as a visual cue, actively moving the video along. Many of our users love this feature.



We heard the feedback from videomakers loud and clear — and we’ve added several new Whiteboard tool options to GoAnimate! Starting today, all users will notice the new choices.

When adding an enter or an exit motion to a character or asset, you’ll see a new gray hand icon next to the “Style” dropdown. This will lead you to select from four hands, a pen, and the ability to opt for no writing tool at all.

By default, the option selected will be used throughout the video, but you have the advanced option to apply a writing tool option to a single motion within a scene.


These additions are just the beginning! Keep an eye out for more creative Whiteboarding tools coming in 2015.

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Happy animating!