New Year - New Content

We’ve added a tremendous amount of new content, including hundreds of props, new premade scene templates, additional stock characters, and much more.

The videos below demonstrate a few things you can do with the new assets. The first shows off the new HR assets and can be imported into your own Vyond account to use as a template. The second is a short video showing off the new outdoor assets.

Use this video template

Here is a full list of the new content added to Vyond Studio this month:

  • Animated Animals (Contemporary): 180 props
  • Cooking and Catering (Contemporary): 39 props and 37 actions
  • HR Related Items (Contemporary): 11 templates, 5 props, 17 actions
  • Outdoor Plants (Business Friendly): 2 props
  • Finance (Contemporary and Business Friendly): 6 templates and 29 props
  • Animated Scale/Balance Related Items (Contemporary and Business Friendly): 9 props
  • Cats (Business Friendly): 6 props
  • Wedding and Graduates: 8 stock characters
  • Farming Items (Contemporary): Including 11 templates, 5 actions, 2 props, and 1 character creator component
  • Additional Office Settings (Contemporary): Including 11 templates and 29 props
  • Outdoor Plants (Contemporary): Including 22 props
  • Infant Items (Contemporary): Including 7 templates, 1 background, 15 props, and 7 actions
  • Patterned Backgrounds (Contemporary): 8

Saved Template Enhancement

Saved templates have been enhanced. When you save a template to your library, you can now include both imported audio and MP4 tracks. This makes it easier to save full sequences, such as branded intros and outros that include synced sound or imported video. Professional plan subscribers can even share their templates with team members.

Featured Help Center Articles

Our Help Center is full of articles written by our Customer Success team to help with common problems, give tips and tricks, and make your Vyond Studio experience better and easier. Take a look at this month’s featured articles:

How do I bulk edit props and other assets across scenes?

This article goes into detail about the functionality of the new global editing feature, which allows you to quickly and easily replace characters, assets, and more throughout your video in just a few clicks.

How do I adjust asset or prop opacity?

Did you know that some props can change opacity? Click on this article to learn more about changing the opacity on props, as well as a list of which props are compatible with changing opacity.

How do I edit a character?

Have you ever liked a stock character, but wanted to make a slight change – maybe give them different hair, or a different shirt? Take a look at this help article to learn how to edit stock characters.

How to Use The Above Video Template

The template shared in this post is free to try with a paid account or 14-day free trial of Vyond Studio. Customers can download and share, and Professional and Premium subscribers can export GIFs.

Follow these steps to access the template:

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