The Role of Infographics in your Content Strategy

Gary, our COO, contributes to a guest post on Smart Insights. The topic at hand is the deluge of infographics and whether or not they should be a part of a company’s content marketing strategy. 

Here’s a snippet:

The future is still bright for infographics. People continue to be yearning for quick blasts of interesting facts. Infographics, if produced well, are not just visually beautiful, but can be the perfect solution for communicating complex (and hopefully new) information and data. But if you want your infographic to truly stand out it’s worth trying video.

Incorporate these video infographics into a content marketing initiative or broader strategy… it could leave scope for you to have an animated video infographic, a static infographic, press release, blog post(s), opinion/bylined articles and even a white paper. This comprehensive approach will deliver more value to your audience and return more value to your marketing efforts.”

Read the whole piece here on Smart Insights