Vyond’s latest funding from PeakSpan Capital

Vyond’s Maker Community continues to grow every day, supported by our—also growing—team dedicated to giving everyone the power of video.

We recently achieved a new milestone in that growth with a significant investment from PeakSpan Capital. This support is a gratifying reminder of everything we’ve created together, and an encouraging opportunity to keep creating.


We’re excited to pour PeakSpan’s support directly back into the people that make Vyond great. The funding we’ve achieved won’t have any major implications for our organization nor your Vyond subscription, but it does present a significant opportunity for us to keep making Vyond Studio as great as it can be. Read on for answers to a few questions you might have about this good news:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Was Vyond sold?

A: No, this was a minority investment round.

Q: Is my subscription impacted?

A: No, this funding won’t have a direct impact on your Vyond subscription.

Q: Will pricing change as a result of this funding?

A: No, this funding won’t have a direct impact on pricing.

Q: What is changing at Vyond?

A: While you may not notice any immediate changes, this investment will allow Vyond to get stronger, and more quickly, too! Over time, you may notice even more of your feature suggestions will be added to Vyond Studio, and bugs will be fixed more quickly. Behind the scenes, we’ll be growing our team of animators, developers, video experts, and good people to better serve our community of makers.

Q: What new features are coming to Vyond Studio?

A: This investment won’t have a direct or immediate impact on Vyond Studio, and there won’t be any sudden changes to the Vyond experience you know and love. Over time, we’ll be able to add new features to Vyond Studio more quickly. Meanwhile, you can read about our most recent improvements here!

Q: Does this change how quickly our requests and suggestions appear in Vyond Studio?

A: With PeakSpan’s support, we hope to bring more of your ideas to Vyond Studio, more quickly. As always, if you have an idea for Vyond Studio, we’d love to hear it.

Q: Can anybody buy stock in Vyond?

A: Vyond is not a publicly traded company.

Any other questions?

Get in touch! The Vyond Team is always happy to answer any questions you might have. For more information, you can also read the full announcement or read the statement from our CEO on LinkedIn.