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Building an Agile Culture

March 23, 2022

The imperative to be adaptive couldn’t be made stronger than it has been in the pandemic. As organizations of all kinds face unprecedented volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, it is incumbent upon its people to adopt more agile ways of working.

The movement of Agile software development has a lot to offer in terms of building teams that are adaptive, customer-centric, and efficient. But how can those same values and principles be applied to Human Resources?

While software development certainly is different from people leadership, both professions can benefit from key mindset shifts that are promoted by leading Agile thought—and a lot of it comes down to how we communicate with the people we support.

In this webinar sponsored by Vyond, certified agile team facilitator Kevin Doherty will offer a primer on the Agile movement and mindset. Drawing from his expertise as a content creator, he’ll share practical ways to promote agility throughout the organization. By becoming champions of the Agile mindset and living out its values, people leaders can make a meaningful impact in their organization’s capacity to respond to—and even benefit from—large-scale disruption.