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Create better content with ideas from a Disney creativity expert and a generative AI pioneer | WATCH NOW

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Emily has been a fixture on the Vyond team since 2009, making sure your experience with Vyond Studio is a stellar one. As the Director of our Design & Video Lab, Emily oversees UI and UX while supporting our Hong Kong-based video producers. Her ultimate wish is for every Vyond maker to love the videos they create.


As Vyond’s senior copywriter, Isobel works to bring helpful language to the Vyond Studio you know and love. She also works closely with colleagues in Vyond’s Hong Kong office (and beyond!) to create some of our most popular video templates. You might recognize her voice from videos like the Telly Award-winning template, “The Hero’s Journey.”


Joe’s been a part of Vyond’s Hong Kong team for over five years now! As an award-winning video producer, Joe holds consulting sessions, organizes workshops, and builds video content that illustrates everything you can do with Vyond Studio. Joe loves bizarre animals and insects, and even had a leopard gecko as a pet once.


Joey joined Vyond’s San Mateo team as a video producer in 2021, bringing with him a wealth of experience teaching video production and storytelling. He has a deeply-seated passion for visual communication through the medium of video, as evidenced by his impressive success at numerous film festivals. Oh, and did we mention his dog’s name is Martin Scorsese?


Kevin is a video producer and Vyond’s resident game board expert (with Dead of Winter behind his favorite). Based in our Hong Kong office, Kevin helps create inspiring templates and update videos. If he could grant Vyond video makers a single superpower, he would give them “immunity from all diseases.” Stay safe out there!


Kyle is a Senior Video Producer based out of Vyond’s San Mateo office, bringing forth a rich expertise in live-action video production and equipment. Previously, Kyle worked in the Ed Tech field to combine the power of storytelling with top-notch learning. He joined Vyond in Fall 2021, and immediately got to work creating videos for Vyond’s own marketing campaigns.


Patrick works in Vyond’s Hong Kong office as a motion graphic designer, bringing the latest and greatest Vyond features to life. His video journey began in broadcast TV, where Patrick cut his teeth in motion graphics for various stations and production companies. His secret to video-making success? A whole lot of coffee, and plenty of snacks.


As a video producer in Vyond’s California office, Prakriti brings our marketing materials to life with colorful and award-winning videos. She brings her rich experience in video production to her series Discovering Vyond with Prakriti, where she teaches new Vyond makers how to get the most out of Vyond Studio. Prakriti’s top tip: Vyond keyboard shortcuts.

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As Vyond’s senior manager of video and visual design, Shahrzade is one of the driving forces behind our talented crew of video producers. Drawing from her PhD in art history, Shahrzade is particularly adept at translating ideas into words, and words into ideas. Shahrzade sits on Vyond’s marketing team in California’s Silicon Valley, connecting new makers to the power of video every day.


Sofala is one of Vyond’s most decorated video producers, and has worked on projects that have garnered Emmy and Telly Awards. On Vyond’s California-based team, Sofala produces short-form marketing and training videos, often specializing in videos for diversity, equity, and inclusion. She’s also an extra talented photographer!

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Taylor is an independent filmmaker based in Austin, Texas with expertise across every stage of video production. He’s been creating content for Vyond’s audiences for nearly five years, including the Telly Award-winning video template, “The Agile Mindset.” Taylor recently produced a skateboarding film that was shortlisted at London’s Shiny Awards.

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