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They say presentation is everything. According to 3M, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is based on visuals. This by far beats out other cues like touch, smell, and sound. So while a well-delivered speech or an artfully crafted podcast can be helpful additions to presenting, neither engages your audience’s primary means of absorbing data.

With a video presentation you can enrich your message and truly capture attention by providing the visual elements needed to make you memorable. Whether you are the keynote at an event, pitching to potential business partners or trying to virtually present your company’s core values, this type of video can add that something extra to your delivery.

But aside from the everyday PowerPoint, few know where to begin when creating an visual display of their product or service. If you want to bolster your business message but don’t have a lot of video experience, there are four options for video presentation software that can make the production process easier.

1. Adobe Visual Communicator

This software stands out for the ease at which it allows creators to develop a newscast-style video. Adobe’s specialized features allow even the most amateur video maker to turn a drab web cam recording into a polished broadcast worthy of network television.

While most editing programs can help editors create a wide variety of video types, Visual Communicator is tailored specifically to video presentations. For businesspeople looking for a straight-to-done process, this software streamlines video creation and minimizes editing.

Since this software requires you or an actor to bring the presentation to life, features like the built-in teleprompter help the star of the newscast deliver a more accurate and natural performance.

The style created within Adobe Visual Communicator can give you the clean, professional look that is required for an effective video presentation. The “newsy” angle allows you to leverage the established trust factors surrounding traditional media and adds your personal touch through video clips, images and voiceovers.

2. GoAnimate

Our software can be used as a video presentation maker. GoAnimate provides scenes, characters and props that are readily available so all you need is to focus on your story.

Animation gives video presentation creators the chance to bend and even break the rules of traditional media to create something captivating and informative. There’s no need for pictures, pre-recorded video or highly-skilled editing. You don’t even have to do a voice over if you’d prefer to avoid it.

You can get creative without those frightening and awkward on-camera moments. Even for those who don’t mind some camera time, Go Animate saves would-be video stars hours of recording trying to get that perfect cut.

Animated videos can be just as professional and polished as live action, but it also gives presentations something distinctive and unique.

3. Animoto

On the flip side, there’s Animoto. This slideshow video software is a platform that helps you improve and enhance existing presentations. For those with videos and images in need of some stylistic additions, Animoto provides easy to use templates that require little more than “plug and play.”

What Visual Communicator does for ease of full video creation, Animoto does for simplified editing. Users can choose from a wide variety of themes that can accommodate any type of business. Whether you create beautiful homemade crafts or have designed an advanced piece of technology, there is a theme style that can match up with your brand.

For business owners looking for a polished video presentation that is simple (and affordable) to put together, Animoto offers more than 1000 commercial songs, logo-free videos and easy-to-share features. Whether you want to import images from Flickr or export your finished video presentation to Facebook, this software is compatible with a number of popular services.

4. Camtasia

Camtasia’s screen recording software allows you to capture action on your computer screen and deliver it easily to an audience. This helps combine the ability to both create video and easily edit it to your liking.

For those who need to display their software or website, but struggle to put its functions into words and pictures, a screenshot allows them to just “show and tell. While highly engaging graphics and attention-grabbing transitions can help to jazz up a video presentation, flashy features don’t work with every brand. If the best way to present your product or service is by letting your audience see for themselves what it can do, Camtasia makes it incredibly easy to highlight the best of your user interface and features.

Quick Tip: Screen recording video presentations can be extremely informative, but sometimes fall short when it comes to entertainment. Add a voiceover infused with your personality (and a touch of humor) to help keep your viewers engaged.

Do you have a favorite video presention maker or software? Let us know. We’ll add it to the list! Send a note to community@goanimate.com.