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Creating a compelling demo video takes two parts: great content and the ability to communicate it to an intended audience. A rookie will spend 99 percent of his or her time developing the video, then post a single tweet with the link. But you wouldn’t stop there, would you? In fact the process of getting a highly tweeted video starts way back in production. Consider these 4 simple ways to increase the reach of your demo video via Twitter.

Make Your Demo Video Something People Can Identify With

When someone tweets your video, they are saying, “this is something that represents me. I approve of this.” If a video is overly complicated or hard to understand on first view, the number of people who can identify with it will be limited. Instead, aim to send a message that will resonate with your intended audience, and leave them thinking “me too.” If it hits home your viewers will have reason to post your demo video on their personal profiles.

Ask Your Community To Respond

There is a right way to ask for help on Twitter without having to beg for attention. If you’ve identified thought leaders, blog editors or community managers who are interested in the topic of your demo video, you’re halfway there. If you’re confident in your content, you should trust that people will enjoy your video and know that their followers will, too. But given the constant flow of information, it doesn’t hurt to remind those watching that you’d love their support. A tweet is a simple way to support a fellow professional and few people will turn you down. When I’ve asked for this kind of help, I often will follow by asking to hear their thoughts on the topic. I’ve found that I often get valuable feedback for future efforts.

Make Sharing An Integral Part Of Your Storyline

The controversial-but-viral Kony 2012 video begins by telling viewers that it is an experiment in social networking. And indeed, several times during the video, the video explicitly asks viewers to share it on social media sites. The video was targeted at a share-happy social generation, and this tactic worked very well. For your script, you might add narration that asks viewers something like “which of your friends hasn’t heard this yet?” Or, the video might close with a call to action — such as: “Now you know. Spread the message with a tweet.”

Ensure There Is A Tweet Button Wherever Your Video Is Displayed

Sites like YouTube and Vimeo come with share buttons intact. If you embed your video on a blog, you can include the Tweet button on your post.

It’s up to you to get the intended distribution of your demo video. The more you know your audience, the better you’ll be able to get a high level of tweets out. If your demo video aims to inform, then spreading through social connections is one of the most effective tactics you can take!