Promote Your VideoFree? I don’t believe it.

Yes. Free.

Ok, not entirely, since a time investment is required, but it’s better than paying for views, which can be incredibly expensive and may give little or negative Return-On-Investment (ROI).

Here are five free ways to promote your videos and actually get a better ROI than if you had paid for more views:


1. Share your videos on your Social Networks

The first thing you should do when you do anything is let the people you know hear about it! They’ll love getting the inside scoop first and if they like you or your videos, they’ll share your videos with their friends.

For example, you can post your videos on your personal and business Facebook walls and encourage others to comment on and share them. You can also tweet about the latest business video you created and mark it with a #hashtag. Then cross your fingers hoping you’ll have developed a new hot topic all the cool tweeps are talking about. Heck, your business network on LinkedIn might even appreciate it if you shared an update with a link to your newest video.

2. Cross-Promote your Content

If you’re not cross-promoting your content, you’re not doing content marketing right.

Take your videos and link to or insert them in your blog, the end of other videos, newsletters, and white papers whenever relevant. Your different content mediums should not be isolated channels. Content cross-promotion improves your thought leadership when you have interesting and useful content in different forms that compliment and support each other.

3. Develop Content Partnerships

Another incredible way to promote your videos for free is through content partnerships with other video producers, bloggers, or businesses that can contribute to the production, costs and promotion of your videos.

An example of how this can work is if you owned a company that made customized wooden tables and partnered with a company that makes customized wooden chairs. Together you can develop and market a video about customized wooden furniture. Since both businesses supply complimentary products, there’s no conflict-of-interest because neither company is stealing customers from the other. You might also split a majority of the costs and share responsibility, thus saving you money and doubling your resources to create a really awesome video.

Your video can then be distributed to your list of customers as well as to that of your partner’s, effectively doubling your reach.

4. Public Relations (PR) and Blogger Outreach

Traditional PR and social media PR can really help promote your business videos. Traditional media loves anything interesting, unique and creative, and if you have a sexy angle to pitch, you’ll sell a great story and garner tons of viewers. Bloggers are more than happy to give a link as long as you make sure you sell them on the value that your videos can offer to their community.

If you take a DIY (and therefore free) approach to PR and blogger outreach, here are general rules on how to pitch a writer. Here are some specifics on how to pitch a tech writer.

5. Do Video SEO

Video SEO is one of the hottest marketing topics of the decade, and Google’s making tons of frequent updates to make sure you have the most relevant search results on the web.

To improve your video’s SEO and make sure your video doesn’t get on Google’s bad side, you have to make sure your titles are optimized, you’ve added enough relevant tags, you’ve provided an accurate description, and you’ve created a full transcript of the video so that the text can be crawled by search engines. Get specific with the keywords you use, but make sure not to over-optimize either.

Through these methods you can be sure you’ll attract a bunch of targeted viewers that you didn’t pay a penny for.