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Let’s face it, people hate when they are being sold something.

For example, what happens when you’re browsing the web and start watching a video that not only fails to engage you, but screams “aggressive salesman!” at you? You click the back button or close out the window (whichever gets you away quicker).

But what happens when you stumble upon a video that rivets you, is alluring, engaging … seductive even? You stay and watch to the end. You might even watch it again or forward it to your friends or social network.

If you’re a business, you should know better than to publish a crappy sales video that mimics a pushy salesperson. Here are six ways to make your sales videos sexy:

1. Bring in Familiar Characters

One of the simplest ways to make your videos more engaging is by bringing in characters your audience is familiar with. A sales video for the newest high-performance basketball shoe should include some of the hottest basketball players today to reinforce the video’s messaging. Familiar characters work because they help your audience frame the video’s message better and people react more positively when they see characters they can relate to or understand.

2. Tell the Truth

Everyone tries so hard these days to ‘save face.’ Many people and businesses are afraid of being too direct and too honest. But the truth is, if you tell people how things really are, they’ll not only appreciate what you have to say, they’ll love it. While honesty is an important ethical consideration for businesses, consumers also know how to cut through the lies. Plus, consumers find it easier to trust and support businesses that are less worried about saying the wrong thing and instead tell all.

3. Think Beyond Sales

Sales videos often neglect the needs of their audience. Many sales videos focus a lot of effort on explaining what the advertised product or service is all about and why it is amazing. But the question that many producers of sales videos forget to ask is, “Who cares?” To make your sales videos sexy, the goal of selling should be secondary to providing great content for your audience.

4. Be Creative and Spontaneous

There is a lot you can do to make any sales video exciting and sexy rather than stale and, well, ‘salesy.’ The first step is to collect all the ideas you had for your video and give each of them a go. Your audience appreciates a bit of creativity and spontaneity, so you should never leave any ideas off of the drawing board without trying them first. By omitting any unique ideas before testing them, you limit your video’s potential, especially because you will have tossed out what could have been mind-blowingly awesome ideas!

5. Use Pauses Effectively

Contrary to popular thinking, you shouldn’t talk about your product at lightning speed to make sure you’re not wasting your audience’s valuable time and still get your point across. Powerful dialogue needs a pause or two. In his book, 21st Century Speaking, Dr. Jack Dempsey Ph.D (Brown University), shares, “Yes, our world hates to wait. But when you pause, and then deliver exactly the right words, people are grateful for the substance. They appreciate the very rare speaker who shows trust in their patience and respect for their attention-span.” Effective pauses create suspense and give your audience opportunity to process the worthwhile information you are sharing.

6. Edit, Edit, Edit

Lastly, to make your video as sexy as it can be, you have to be ruthless when editing your work. It is important you not repeat yourself. No one wants to hear the same things over and over again, unless you’re taking a new angle on the idea. People get turned off by unoriginal thinking.

Also, the perfect video is usually never the first cut you’ll produce, so make a few different versions of your sales video and send them out to people you trust for some honest feedback.

To sell your product well and leverage video marketing, stop publishing videos with slimy salespeople and start making awesome, sexy sales videos.