The epiphany is the moment just before a person decides to buy what you’re selling. With a promo video, you want to take potential customers by the hand and lead them right up to the moment that lightbulb goes on.

It’s crucial that you achieve two things in your promo video: create an emotional connection with the viewer and teach them what your product actually does. With the short attention spans of today you get less than three minutes to execute, so be quick and to the point. Here is a formula that totally works.

Traditional marketing will tell you, in order to sell something, you first show why life without it is wholly lacking. The three steps you will take in your promo video are:

1. Setup a Problem
2. Reveal a Product Solution
3. Call to Action.

But first, set your scene. Introduce viewers to a place that is either familiar or aspirational, something that brings out an emotional connection. Use objects or props to communicate the scene. The last thing you want is for your potential customer to be distracted.

Introduce a character — your central character represents your target market, and struggles with the same problem many of them also experience. Create a distinct personality who your customers either like or aspire to be.

Remember that each story centers on a conflict that leads up to a climax. Include a few different voices from several vantage points — an intellectual character to explain the serious benefits of what you’re selling, and a trendy cheerleader to say “It’s sooo cool!” Then, wrap up the conflict with a solution — perhaps your product or service is what resolves the story and the video ends with your key character discovering a “new normal.”

Your story starts with the problem you designed your product to solve. Use the emotional connection with your character to visualize this. Next, highlight the key benefits of using what you have to offer. This is where additional characters come in — be sure to mix sugar and spice — talk about the technical features but also use humor or sexiness to create desire for your product.

Last, invite viewers to act on their newfound discovery — call to purchase, visit your website, and so on. After you move gracefully from one point to the next, tie the promo video up with a happy ending.

Don’t forget to include some killer music. Sound is the an important quality of a promo video — any audio tracks should be clean, and a hit background track makes your video one people will watch over and over.

There’s no secret sauce that goes into creating a great promo video. Always keep your objective in mind — some promo videos drive sales while others drive certain actions or engagement with a brand. Use the blueprint laid out and you’ll create scripts that meets your unique needs.

The magic happens when you reduce everything you want to say into a concise message and surround that message with good music, great characters and perhaps a bit of humor. Your promo video will be converting viewers into customers in no time.