Explainer videos are fast becoming a staple of company websites. They’re the fastest, easiest way to introduce your business and extol the benefits of what you offer. After all, you only get one chance to make an impression. A top-notch video can go a long way toward hooking and converting potential customers.

That brings up a whole new issue. Content doesn’t magically appear out of thin air (though it would be nice if it did). If you choose to go down the explainer video path, there are a few different ways to go about it.

1. Hire a Production Company

Done right, a good explainer video looks effortless. But it takes serious skill to achieve that effect.

Professional studios such as Epipheo and DemoDuck specialize in producing top-notch explainer videos. Keep in mind, though, that it usually takes quite a while to complete a project. Planning ahead is crucial. The good ones are often fully booked well in advance, so you could be left waiting for some time. Expecting an overnight turnaround? Prepare to be disappointed.

Outsourcing doesn’t free you of all responsibility. You’ll still be heavily involved in the pre-production process. However, putting your video in the hands of professionals removes most of the burden.

Pros: You can trust a well-known company to deliver high production values and conduct themselves in a professional manner throughout your dealings. Established studios also have access to resources far greater than your own, e.g. professional voiceover talent.

Cons: Finding a studio that gets your brand and message can take time, and you might struggle to find a studio you ‘mesh’ with. They’re also generally very expensive. Prices may be negotiable, especially if you’re willing to compromise on or cut certain elements, but the costs will always be higher than with any other video production option.

Expect to pay: Thousands of dollars, or even into five figures.


2. Use a Crowd Sourcing Site

Freelance filmmakers and animators can be found on Video Brewery, Tongal, and other video production crowd sourcing sites. Well-known brands from Lego to Olay are already using crowd sourcing to create video content, so you’d be in good company.

This can be a cost-effective alternative if you:
a) can put together a proposal clearly stating your requirements;
b) are willing to sift through all the submissions;
c) are prepared for the whole process to take 1-2 months.

Pros: Your explainer video will still benefit from a professional’s touch. You can manage it all online, plus you’ll get to set your own price from the start. Just sit back and wait for offers to roll in (at least in theory).

Cons: This is still a relatively expensive venture, with no guarantee of a great result. It’s entirely possible you won’t receive any suitable bids. Bidding on crowd sourcing sites can be a race to the bottom.

Expect to pay: Market rate. That still means forking out thousands of dollars, although toward the lower end of the range. Some sites also charge a project listing fee and/or success fee.


3. Create It Yourself

Services like GoAnimate let you produce explainer videos that look just as good as professionally-designed ones – but without the hefty price tag. That’s because templates and presets make it dead simple to customize the look and feel of videos in a snap.

Odds are you’ll also need to revise your explainer video at some point when your service pivots, your value proposition changes, or you tweak your positioning. Re-producing an entire video is prohibitively expensive, but the DIY route makes it easy to modify yours as needed. This way, you can also make multiple versions for A/B testing and check which is more likely to result in conversions.

Pros: You have full creative control. Doing it yourself also means doing it on your timeline, which will be shorter than if you were working with a studio or freelancer. Best of all, there’s no danger of blowing the budget.

Cons: While there’s no professional overseeing the whole production, the built-in tools will streamline and automate most of the production process for you.


Explainer videos have been proven to help increase sales, conversion, and retention. Don’t wait, get started right away!