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No one really likes work training. Traditional sessions are at turns boring, dry, and preachy. They’re often overly long-winded — taking 3 minutes of information and (somehow) turning them into an hour-long lecture.

Or there’s online training. We’ve all seen the materials — oof. The people who make the presentations dislike them as much (or more) as the people who allegedly watch them. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s for sales folks, field researchers, or drivers; the term “training video” alone is enough to make employees shudder and run for the hills.

That’s where GoAnimate comes in. Now you can make and share fun, engaging training videos. Even the driest strand of protocol is brought to life by animated characters, and the message is much easier to swallow.

Take a look at this example video above to see how GoAnimate can breath life into your training videos today. Get started now!