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teamAsk and you shall receive!

Collaboration in the office is key. We know you’re interested in working on your videos with your team. You want to invite collaborators and friends to review and comment on your work, or even have colleagues directly participate in the production process.

It would be great to have one subscription for you and all of your coworkers, in one place, and all your videos there too.

Enter GoAnimate, with a new group plan just for you!

GoTeam is a group subscription for anywhere from 3 users to an infinite number of users, including all the features you love…and more.

With GoTeam, all users can create and share videos with their GoTeam members. Users can collaborate on videos as Producers or Reviewers.

Invite users to be Producers on your videos to give them editing privileges.

Reviewers have commenting privileges only. You can invite your friends and colleagues to review your videos, even if they are not GoAnimate users.

Comments are time stamped and are linked to the scene that they reference to make it easier to edit in the future.


Want to see how this works? Check out the video below.

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Happy animating, from your friends at GoAnimate!