Working in the insurance industry is a pretty good gig. Insurance is always in season. Your colleagues are (usually) nice and smart. Your job is secure. The holiday parties are generous, often featuring chicken and spirits.

But of course the elephant in the office is the downside: Insurance, for almost everyone, is tremendously boring.

There’s the jargon — endorsements, excesses, exclusions — and then the massive data tables, determining the risks and costs of every policy for each person down to the penny.

Within these confines, though, rests a really fun marketing challenge: How to make these endorsements, exclusions, and spreadsheets stand out to billions of people worldwide shopping for insurance in an extremely crowded marketplace. Think a gecko with a Cockney accent is a good idea? Well apparently it is.

Accordingly, more and more folks in the insurance industry are turning to online video to market and brand their “products.” These products are often just brands resting atop actuarial tables — so the challenge for insurers is great, and interesting.

Video can also be extremely valuable when training and teaching employees within an insurance organization — as everyone works to create and share best practices.

Here’s a brief overview of the best tools for insurance professionals looking to work with video:

-Business video hosting. YouTube is great and all but you don’t want to give another site all your videos. 1) Because then people who find your work via search will land on YouTube and not your site — and last time we checked you can’t buy insurance on YouTube. And 2) because you’re not going to use YouTube to host and embed your videos on your own site.

Business video hosting sites allow you to control your own branding, add clickable calls-to-action, and integrate with marketing automation tools like Marketo, HubSpot, and Eloqua. This type of hosting can also boost SEO for your insurance site as you’ll accrue SEO “juice” from the customized HTML video player on your site. Check out Wistia for great, professional hosting for your insurance videos.

-Data. Text is great. Books make us smart. Reading is fun — we get it. But the biggest problem with old-school articles is that it’s almost impossible to know who did (or didn’t) read them. This is especially important for training and compliance when you need to know who hasn’t watched your videos and where he dropped off. If you’re looking for metrics on video completion and drop off rates, take a look at Vidyard.

-Fun. As noted earlier, insurance is wonderful; it’s just not exactly… lively. So you’re going to have to get creative when it comes to your digital collateral. This is why we’re so excited about animated video, as are our many customers in the insurance space. When it comes to “dry” topics like dental benefits or compliance training, your videos will be much more engaging in animated form. Viewers don’t feel like they’re getting lectured to when the information is delivered by someone with green hair. Plus, by popular demand, we also just released a new insurance pack filled with hundreds more characters and props for videomakers inside the insurance world.

-Delivery. Most insurance companies are large, successful enterprises. That’s one of the perks! But with size and experience comes reliance on big, trusted software programs likes Salesforce, PowerPoint, and NetSuite — so you need to make sure your videos can be delivered and viewed across the organization via its existing tools. MP4 is an ideal format for video uploads to these traditional programs.

Online video has clearly gained significant traction within the insurance world. And it makes sense: insurance is an industry that craves visualization to both market and understand the human needs behind the data tables. Trailing this momentum comes the maturation of the B2B video space, helping insurance companies create and deliver high-quality videos to potential customers and stakeholders.