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Every salesperson knows that the first sales meeting is crucial. In a perfect world, you’d create a totally custom presentation for every pitch.

But let’s be real. You have a full inbox, dozens of pitches to give every week, and tons of follow-ups (not to mention a life outside of work). More often than not, there’s no time for extensive customization.

Hence the need for a business presentation template that’s visually appealing, professional, dynamic, and easy to edit. Templates provide a pre-arranged set of assets — fonts, backgrounds, colors, charts, and/or characters — that you can use to tell your product’s story in the most effective way possible.

Beyond PowerPoint

Most salespeople still rely on our old friend PowerPoint to supply their business presentation templates. But while PowerPoint offers a number of free templates, its presentations aren’t always the most visually compelling or customizable. Ever heard of the phrase “Death by PowerPoint”? Let’s just say you don’t want your presos to be found guilty of that crime.

To up the ante, some people turn to paid PowerPoint business presentation templates (a simple Google search will turn up loads of options). There are also a number of presentation tools looking to disrupt Microsoft’s hold on the presentation space. Some of the most popular alternatives include:

  • Keynote, a familiar PowerPoint alternative for Mac users

  • Google Slides, a free web-based product which facilitates more seamless collaboration on presentations

  • Prezi, a “nonlinear” presentation editor with the ability to zoom in and out of frames

  • Bunkr, which allows you to pull content from around the web directly into your presentations (everything from video to Google drive files to social media posts)

  • Haiku Deck, which is available via iPad or desktop and allows you to access millions of Creative Commons and (premium) Getty images for use within your presentation

These alternatives are worth a try. But if you really want to jazz up your pitches, there’s another possibility: try video for your business presentation template.

A Video Sales Pitch?

Every salesperson has his or her own secret sauce — the key ingredient to the perfect pitch. But one thing everyone in the biz can agree on? Keeping your audience’s attention is crucial to an effective pitch. And what better way to do that than through video?

By using a video template that is both visually engaging and easily customizable, you can ensure that your sales pitch hits the mark every time. Video lends itself to storytelling; you can engage your audience with a narrative rather than bombarding them with too much text. Facts and figures are important, but they can be difficult to digest in an introductory presentation.

It would take tons of time and money to craft one-off videos for every sales pitch. The good news is that there are plenty of affordable video tools that make it easy and affordable to create customizable business presentation templates for your sales pitches.

Sites like VideoHive, Videojac, and others offer extensive video templates for sales and marketing presentations. Easy-to-use animation software like GoAnimate is another option. With animation, you can create a compelling and dynamic video narrative for every sales pitch — without needing to hire actors or deal with production expenses. Animated videos are also easily customizable: in just a few clicks, you can revise the scenario or characters to better reflect your audience’s product use case. The wide range of templates, characters, and scenarios means you have the flexibility you need to give an effective presentation — and close more deals.

About GoAnimate

GoAnimate is the world’s top animated video maker. The company helps businesses on six continents produce videos quickly and cost-effectively. Our platform powerful with many unique features – yet everything is controlled through the same, super-simple, drag & drop interface. We offer tens of thousands of pre-animated characters, props, backgrounds, and actions representing hundreds of industries and occupations – with more added all the time. Our templates will get you to a quick win in minutes. You can stop there, or customize further until your video is truly unique. Adding voice-over narration or lip-synced dialogue is a simple! Music and sound effects from premium libraries are included at no extra cost. When finished, simply download your video as an MP4 or publish directly to YouTube or any of our video hosting partners.