Meet Rochelle Stern, Founder of West Coast Mint, and her co-producer Ashley Dennuzo. Rochelle’s video caught our eye, not only because it was exceptionally done, but also because this was the first video Rochelle made in Vyond.

West Coast Mint uses Vyond videos to educate their customers about how the D-Mannose supplement works for urinary tract support and explain how their product is different from others. Animated videos are the perfect medium for explaining new ideas and possibly uncomfortable subjects.

Take a look the video that shows why Rochelle deserves to be this month’s Video Hero.


Rochelle worked together with Ashley, who has experience using Vyond. Their marketing video, created in Vyond, is spreading the word on the health benefits of their product, destigmatizing UTIs and bladder infections, and bringing them brand recognition. Read on to learn about their video-making process from Rochelle.

What advice would you give to a beginner making an animated video?

RS: Vyond is a flexible, easy-to-use software that produces amazing, professional quality videos; you just need to plan ahead. Take your time at the beginning with the script. Make sure you summarize your information ahead of time so that you are clear and concise. Make sure to know exactly what graphics and animations you want to display ahead of time; this will make the animation process flow smoothly.

We make it informative while still being brief and entertaining. We use impactful images and scenes to convey our message clearly. We also added some cheeky references and some humor to make the video lighthearted.

Talk us through your start to finish process for making a video.

RS: Ashley and I worked together in four stages:

1) Made a script/storyboard with visual description of what we wanted to display in the video.

2) Recorded our voices in a studio.

3) Created the video in segments so we could discuss and edit each segment together and make any necessary changes. Each segment would be insync with the audio. The Vyond interface made it easy for us to edit each segment on its own.

4) Add a song to go along with the video.

What is a resource you would recommend to other video makers to get better at creating videos?

Watch some videos on YouTube from influencers and brands that you admire for inspiration on what type of graphics and animation you would like to create. Alternatively, Vyond also has an amazing customer support team where you can Live Chat with their customer success team and they can help you with any technical questions!

What were some of the reactions your video received?

RS: Everyone who has seen the video has provided great feedback. People smiled while watching it and now understand how the product works. We have created brand recognition, are spreading word on the health benefits of D-mannose, and are destigmatizing UTIs and bladder infections.

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