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Food Safety Training

Safety training is imperative for any business handling food. By training employees on cleaning and sanitization practices, you decrease the chances of spreading foodborne illnesses and prevent potential allergic reactions from occurring.

Moreover, video can be a fantastic complement or substitute for in-person training. By reducing the time new hires spend shadowing, you can give managers extra bandwidth.

Comply with local safety regulations by teaching your team the techniques and procedures needed to operate a safe and efficient business. Ultimately, keep your employees engaged and facilitate their learning by using interactive animated videos created with ease in Vyond Studio.

Video Transcript

Let's talk about cleaning and sanitizing to prevent cross-contamination in your cooking area.

Cleaning and sanitizing are a little different but hold equal and critical importance when working at Biz eat's. Cleaning and sanitizing the surface removes filth and bacteria and is critical to preventing foodborne illness caused by cross-contamination.

So when should you clean and sanitize food prep surfaces? The answers are when working with raw meat, when switching from one food to another, when switching tasks, after a break, and after four hours of use. Within four hours, foodborne bacteria can multiply exponentially.

Always clean and sanitize surfaces any time you think that food contact surfaces have become contaminated. when sanitizing, use either chemicals or very hot water to kill pathogens that remain after cleaning. When you're done, sanitizing items must be air-dried. We don't want to contaminate them by drying them with a cloth or paper towel. Are using these methods, you're keeping our customers and our company safe from foodborne illness, if you notice employees who aren't cleaning and sanitizing safely, have them review these instructions to maintain a safe workplace.

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