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Hong Kong's Mr. Vampire

A short history of Mr. Vampire—Hong Kong's spookiest Halloween monster.

Video Transcription: Hong Kong's Mr. Vampire

Do you know who the spookiest monster in Hong Kong's Halloween is? It's Mr. Vampire. Around 1985, there was a huge trend of vampire movies, especially in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The most famous film being Mr. Vampire. The vampires in the movie wore Qing Dynasty robes, and their faces were sickly white with yellow fangs.

After sleeping in coffins for a long time, their bodies had turned stiff, and they could not bend their arms and legs. So they would raise their arms, jump, and then bite. The only way to stop them from attacking was to write down a spell on a paper and stick it on their foreheads. So check out Mr. Vampire, and experience the horror and fun of Hong Kong in the 80s.

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