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Supporting Employee Wellness at the End of the Year

Experiencing some stress during the holidays? You are not alone. This feeling commonly known as the holiday blues affects several people and lasts until the first couple of weeks of January. Support your team's mental health with a Vyond video that teaches them about coping mechanisms and other practices that can help during this holiday. And most importantly, remind your team that they are not alone and that there are services available to them that help promote their wellbeing and happiness.

Video Transcription: Supporting Employee Wellness at the End of the Year

As the holidays are approaching, it is good to remember that the season of cheer can sometimes be the season of stress. Ever heard of the holiday blues? People experience higher levels of stress during the holidays, with stressors, such as financial strain, personal relationships, work responsibilities, and even grief impacting mental health during the holidays.

At Zodio, we'd like to remind you to take care. Follow these five tips to support your mental wellness and make the most of the holidays. Practice self-care and be gentle with yourself. Take a breather and treat yourself to a bubble bath or your favorite dessert. Do activities that get you in the zone, like meditation and exercise, which are great at reducing stress.

Getting enough sleep and napping can not only help with performance but are great for your well-being. Communicate with others. You do not have to face battles on your own. Take this opportunity to talk to your support system about your needs and concerns.

Consider therapy. Despite your best efforts, many times stress and sadness can be hard to manage. A mental health professional can help with an action plan that is perfect for you. Start by exploring available providers on our Benefits Portal, or download a meditation and therapy app like MediTime or PsyCare. Remember, you're not alone, and we are here to help and listen. Take care of yourself and your loved ones during the holiday season.

Happy dazzling and comfy holidays from Zodio!

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