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Using Text in Vyond Videos

Text is an important visual element in a video, but less useful when it’s difficult to read. This video demonstrates some best practices for using text in a video. Try these tips out for yourself with this template.

Video Transcript: Using Text in Vyond Videos

Text is an important visual element in a video. When text is difficult to read, it's harder for your message to get across. Imagine the text from a billboard commercial. It catches the driver's attention as it passes them by and they can grasp the message in just a few seconds. Here's some tips to make that happen in your video.

Just like a newspaper headline, you want the title to be the first thing people read. Make titles noticeable. Choose a readable font that stands out. Make it big and bold. Create a contrast in color.

Next, think about the composition. Align your title in the center with plenty of space around it. Pick a font that fits the content. Also, consider the hierarchy of text. You can use enter effects to draw attention in the right order. For disclaimer text, you can use a smaller font at the bottom.

How to deal with lengthy text. When you can, swap out text for visuals. These are always easier and faster for your audience to digest. Use quick checklists in short bullet points to break down a paragraph. Enter effects can show each point one by one. Props like ribbons, speech bubbles, or signs can make subtitles more eye-catching.

Guide your audience for the voiceover. Highlight the keywords. When you preview the scene, check there's enough time to read everything. If it's too quick, consider trimming the words or making the scene longer.

How do you make text stand out in a chart? Adjust the font size so that it won't overlap. Give the text room to breathe. Use camera movements to zoom in and highlight the key information. Make sure your text makes an impact. Try out these tricks in your next video.

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