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Vyond leads G2's Momentum Grid®

Think all tools are created equally? Well, think again. With so many video platforms on the market today, it can be hard to pick out the best animation software.

That’s where G2 comes in.

G2 only accepts reviews from verified users so they can offer a credible, neutral, and authoritative view of the latest software. Then, to help shoppers spot the top tool, they publish quarterly reports. These reports are perhaps most famous for the G2 Momentum Grid® contained in each report.

Best Animation Software of Winter 2022

Vyond Studio is the best animation software according to G2’s Winter 2022 Momentum Grid® for Animation. And, this is the second time running that Vyond claimed the top spot!

How does G2 calculate its Momentum Grid®?

G2 aims to score software as accurately as possible. So, they created a number of complex algorithms to take every significant factor into account. Scroll on to learn more about how Vyond was scored as the best animation software of Winter 2022, and click here to read more about G2’s methodology.

Momentum Score

G2 calculates momentum by looking at each platform’s year-over-year growth. This accounts for company growth, prevalence on social media and the web, and the number of reviews received.

Vyond’s chart-topping Momentum Score for Winter 2022 is 83. That’s 6 points higher than Animaker, and 16 points higher than Biteable!

Satisfaction Score

G2 calculates satisfaction based on reviews from verified users. In other words, this score accounts for factors like Net Promoter Score® (NPS), popularity, and satisfaction with the tool’s features.

In Winter 2022, Vyond achieved a near-perfect satisfaction score of 95 on G2. Other animation tools—like Moovly (85) and Biteable (41)—lag behind.

Momentum Grid® Score

G2 uses momentum and satisfaction scores to position each tool on the Momentum Grid®. Then, they translate that placement into a Momentum Grid® Score. After that, shoppers, analysts, and reporters from around the world use these scores as a benchmarks for software excellence.

Vyond’s Momentum Grid® score is 87 in G2’s latest Animation report for Winter 2022. That’s 9 points higher than Powtoon, and 18 points higher than Moovly.

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