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Vyond Secure Suite

Enterprise organizations often have unique data security needs, making additional security options and configurations necessary for compliance. Vyond Secure Suite, available only with Vyond for Enterprise, gives administrators the flexibility they need to implement Vyond while ensuring that company data remains secure.

Rest Secured

Create and collaborate confidently with the advanced protection of Vyond Secure Suite, part of our Vyond for Enterprise solution. Our collection of security features complies with the enterprise-level IT security requirements of any company, such as brute-force login, inactivity logout, IP whitelisting, customizable password complexity, SSO, and custom video cache expiration.

Brute Force Login Protection

Protect your team’s user information – and company data – from being compromised by brute force login attacks. This feature protects against guessed passwords and brute force attacks by allowing the account administrator to set the number of failed login attempts before an account is locked. The method of resolving an account lock is also configurable. Lockouts can be resolved by an administrator, or with a customizable timeout.

Inactivity Logout

Define a timeout for inactive logged in accounts, ensuring that unauthorized users won’t be able to access sensitive data on idle systems. This timer is administrator-configurable to match your company’s preferred balance of convenience and security.

IP Whitelisting

This feature allows administrators to ensure that your organization’s Vyond account is only accessible through trusted connections. This prevents logins from any address that has not been specifically whitelisted.

Customizable Password Complexity

For organizations with company-wide password complexity and password change requirements,  customizable password security is an ideal solution. With the Vyond Secure Suite, it’s easy to enforce password policy compliance – including requiring regular password changes, disallowing the use of previously used passwords, and requiring complex passwords.

Single Sign On

For environments where other options aren’t secure enough, Vyond offers SAML 2.0 SSO designed for direct integration with your corporate authentication service. All authentication is done locally, and based on a signed, secure certificate. This feature allows you to control password security requirements directly from your authentication server.

Custom Video Cache Expiration

Vyond utilizes cache for enhanced speed when generating videos or previews. Custom cache expiration allows an administrator to define how long data will remain cached – and to decide on the optimal balance between speed and security for your organization.

What is cache?

Cache is a means of retrieving data that needs to be readily accessed and available for future requests for that data. Caching allows you to quickly and efficiently access previously retrieved or computed data. Cached data is at a higher risk of being compromised than data utilizing other storage methods.