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A day in the Life of Lockdown: Appreciating Key Workers (UK)

COVID has changed a lot about how we live our day-to-day lives. This video shows how people in the UK have responded by appreciating those key employees who have been on the front lines throughout the pandemic.

Empathy in the Workplace for Remote Teams

The new normal for today’s workplace is “no normal,” and every team member brings their own conditions with them, be it cooped-up kids, bottlenecked bandwidth, or a particularly disruptive dog. This template features tips on how to meet those challenges with a little proactive empathy.

Effective remote collaboration depends on having explicit discussions about empathy and team norms. Start the conversation with your teammates.

Jewish High Holidays Explained

The High Holy Days, or High Holidays, are the most important and most celebrated in the Jewish faith. They consist of a 10-day period, typically in late September and early October, beginning with Rosh Hashanah and ending with Yom Kippur. Video is a great way to showcase diverse traditions and customs. Get started with this template, and share the meaning behind the High Holy Days celebrated by over 14 million people around the world.  

Women's Suffrage & The 19th Amendment

This template video overviews some of the decades-long struggle—in addition to the clashes within the movement—that led to achieving voting rights for women. 

The video is also a nice example of using real photos to tell a compelling story with Vyond. The pictures included above depict the better-known aspects of the Women’s Suffrage movement as well as many of the forgotten women of color who fought for voting rights but are often excluded from history.

While we cannot legally distribute these photos to you by way of a template video, you can re-add them on your own by accessing the public domain images from the links included in this document (please first confirm that the images are in the public domain in your country of usage). The numbers in the document correspond to numbers in the template video that will open in your Vyond account. To replace some of these images, you will need to utilize the masking feature.

Managing remote teams' mental health: Promoting wellness & self-care

Change takes time to process and right now there is a lot of change happening at once. Our work lives, home lives, and social lives are all different. When adjusting to change, it becomes even more important to practice self-care. Managers should encourage employees to take time to take care of themselves and this video offers a few helpful strategies.

Other videos in this series:

Managing remote teams' mental health: Reducing virtual meeting overload

Pre-COVID, two in five American employees thought there were more meetings than necessary. Now we’re having even more meetings and back-to-back video calls have replaced our daily in-person interactions. This is all on top of extra home responsibilities and increased stress.

These extra video calls are leading to meeting fatigue and it’s draining employees’ energy. Video calls are important and have their place, but they also force us to focus more on conversations in order to absorb information. This video offers managers tips for helping their employees fight video meeting fatigue.

Other videos in this series:

Managing remote teams' mental health: Encouraging PTO to recharge

Before COVID-19, over one in four American workers felt guilty about taking time off and 58% did not take their allotted vacation days due to feeling there was too much work to accomplish. Plus, one in five said their company shames employees who take allotted vacation time.

During any kind of stressful time, and now when people may feel lucky to have a job, employees might find it more difficult to request time away. But it’s important to take a break. Time away improves mental clarity, productivity, and focus. When your employees are recharged, it leads to better outcomes for them and better outcomes for the company.

Other videos in this series:

Managing remote teams' mental health: Nonverbal communication cues

When technology limits our interactions, how can you tell if your employees may need support? Some people are highly skilled at interpreting nonverbal communication, while others may need to make an effort. Listening, paying attention, and asking your employees about nonverbal cues will make you a better communicator and a better teammate.

Other videos in this series:

Managing remote teams' mental health: Course introduction

Ensuring employee mental health has always been important for building a strong organizational culture but working from home during a pandemic created a new set of challenges none of us could have imagined. In the past few months, employees have not only transitioned to working from home, but they're also doing almost everything from home, and all this change and social isolation is affecting people’s mental health.

It’s not on managers to fix everything for employees, but it is on us to help create an encouraging space for our teams. So what can managers do to support their teams’ mental health? This 5-part video series explores:

Celebrating Juneteenth

Juneteenth, short for June nineteenth, is an annual holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United States. Vyond is making Juneteenth a company holiday. Today, nearly all 50 states mark Juneteenth as either a day of observance or a state holiday. It is our hope that Juneteenth will soon be adopted nation-wide.

A Few Facts About Pride

Use this short, customizable video to celebrate Pride. Make the template your own by adding images, photos, and additional facts. 

Conference Call Etiquette

It's likely that you're involved in more conference calls these days. We've put together some guidelines to help you and your co-participants enjoy successful and problem-free calls.

Excelling at Work From Home

Many people are adjusting to remote work for the first time. This video shares a few helpful tips for excelling at work from home. The template also includes several Vyond elements you may be interested to explore: character rear view, camera movement, transparent layers, and custom digital communication scenes. We hope you find it useful however and from wherever you're working.

Remote Team Communication: Creative Ways to Stay Connected

Help inspire a culture of connection and develop an engaged workforce in the absence of a communal workspace. Here are a few creative ways for remote teams to stay connected while working remotely.

Be sure to save this video to your account for the next time you need to visualize a virtual chat or video call. 

Why Social Distancing Works

In times of crisis, employees expect and trust information from their companies. It's essential for CEOs and HR departments to communicate openly with their teams.

This video was created according to CDC guidelines on April 28, 2020. Update some or all of the template to reinforce your local public health messaging and align with your current policies. 

Remote Team Training: Tips for Remote Managers

Remote management is a skill. This video shares tips for how to be a great remote manager. 

IT Announcement: Mac OS Update

Use this video template as an easy way to notify employees about an important software update. The video was created for the Mac OS update in March 2020, but with some changes, you can use it for a variety of IT-related announcements.

How to Properly Wear a Mask

Wearing a face mask can help protect against viruses and it's important to know how to properly wear one. 

At :30 the main character is shown in profile. This image was created entirely with shapes in Vyond. 

Security Tips for Working Remotely

Help your team keep data safe while working remotely.

This template covers security risks that accompany remote work and shares how to avoid them with tips from Vyond’s own internal data security expert. Personalize the template with your company’s current remote work security policies and update it as needed for year-round use.

Explaining the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) went into effect on April 1st. The new law requires certain US employers to provide employees with expanded sick, family, and medical leave for specified reasons related to COVID-19. We created this FFCRA template video for you to modify and share within your organization. We hope it helps you communicate the specifics of your revised leave policies.

Coronavirus Precautions - English

Here's a template video to help you quickly communicate to your team about Coronavirus. This video illustrates the basic precautions and preventative measures people can take to curb the spread of Coronavirus. Update the template with your own health and safety policies and swap out our voiceover for your own.

Coronavirus Precauciones - Español

Aquí hay una plantilla que puede usar para comunicarle rápidamente a su equipo información sobre el Coronavirus. Este video ilustra las precauciones básicas y las medidas preventivas que las personas pueden tomar para frenar la propagación del Coronavirus. Actualice la plantilla con sus propias políticas de salud y seguridad y cambie nuestra voz por la suya.

Greenhouse Gases

This short video about greenhouse gasses utilizes color, sound, and movement to tell a story without any voice. The template includes useful elements for a variety of video projects including "transformation" transitions and a unique color palette.

Rising Sea Level

This short video about rising sea levels utilizes color, sound, and movement to tell a story without any voice. The template includes useful elements for a variety of video projects including a rewind effect, advanced motion, and a colorful lighting transition.


This short video about deforestation utilizes color, sound, and movement to tell a story without any voice. The template includes useful elements for a variety of video projects including an "unveiling" transition with plants, a colorful animal scene, and the effect of moving between the virtual world and the real world. 

Slow Motion Scenes in Vyond Studio

Slow motion is a great effect to add to your videos, and simple to do in Vyond Studio. You might use slow motion to show action replay, make a scene more intense, or to highlight an important moment of the story. Explore this template to see how the video was created.

Using Text in Vyond Videos

Text is an important visual element in a video, but less useful when it’s difficult to read. This video demonstrates some best practices for using text in a video. Try these tips out for yourself with this template.

Surfing in Vyond

Our newest content certainly makes a splash. We’ve added 10 surfing actions to Business Friendly, as well as 7 props, and 2 animated beach backgrounds.

Tourism & Hospitality in Vyond

Dreaming of your next vacation? We added new tourism and hospitality-related items in October 2019. This video shows off what's new in the Contemporary style including Hawaiian shirts, plaid shirts, a selfie stick action, 39 new props, 8 new backgrounds, and 17 new template scenes.

Earth Day: Eco-Friendly Tips

Eco-friendly tips from the Vyond team. This template will open sideways because it is formatted for vertical video.

Cybersecurity Threat Spy Scenario

This template video shows how to talk about serious content in fun ways. The mock training video turns a password compliance lesson into a spy game.

Staggering Effects in Vyond

We have put together some of our favorite advanced techniques for you to try in Vyond Studio. By combining simple shapes into groups and using delay on the enter effects, you can create a sense of wonder in your next video.

Hong Kong Cheung Chau Bun Festival

The Cheung Chau Bun Festival celebrates the disappearance of a plague that devastated the Hong Kong island in the late Shang dynasty.

Although the festival is cancelled this year, we still wanted to share the video with you because it's a great example of creativity in Vyond Studio.

Open the template to explore some advanced Vyond ideas.

Industrial Content in Vyond

If you have a manufacturing process to showcase, this is the template for you. This video includes a new set of industrial-themed assets—6 templates, 4 backgrounds, 7 props, and 17 character creator components. You can easily change the production process being shown to match your own.

City Neighborhood Scenes in Vyond

City living comes to life in this video through scenes of apartments and city streets. If you need an urban environment for your video, any of the scenes in this template can make a good fit.

Airlines in Vyond

If you’re in the business of airline travel or you want to include travel scenes in your videos, this template has it all. This video features the numerous airline-related assets available in Vyond Studio.

Hotels in Vyond

If you’re in the business of hotels or you want to include hotel-based travel into your videos, this template has it all. This video features the numerous hotel-related assets available in Vyond Studio.

Healthcare in Vyond

If you’re in the business of healthcare or you want to discuss a health-focused topic, this template has it all. This video features the numerous healthcare assets available in Vyond Studio.

Traditional vs. Solution Selling

Having a great product with the best features isn’t always what it takes to earn a sale. By listening to customer problems and providing a solution, your sales team is more likely to close the deal. Help your team understand “solution selling” with this template video.

Phone Skills for Successful Sales Calls

Educate your sales team on best practices for interacting with prospects over the phone. The template includes an overview of best practices, which you can easily update or change to fit your training goals.

Advertising / Marketing Template

Use this template to promote your products and services. Smooth transitions and minimal animation put your company front and center. You can also add your company colors to the background or text for branding on the fly.

Asia's Onboarding Video

Simple effects can play a big role in your video, as made apparent in this piece from Vyond’s very own marketing specialist, Asia. This video serves as an excellent example of camera movement, transitions, masking, and sound effects coming together to keep the forward momentum in a video. Take note and use these same principles in your own story-oriented videos.

Household Content in Vyond

This video features a new set of household items in the Business Friendly style: 13 templates, 2 backgrounds, 33 props, and 5 actions. Any of the scenes can be modified for your home-based videos or scenes.

Stop Motion in Vyond Studio

Use this "coming soon" text in a GIF or video, or use this template to understand how stop motion works in Vyond Studio.

Mid-Autumn Festival

This video uses a fun, contemporary style to spread the word about the Mid-Autumn Festival. The smooth scene transitions in this video can serve as inspiration for your own, showcasing the creative capabilities of Vyond.

Winter Solstice Festival

An explanation of the significance of the Winter Solstice and how it is celebrated in several East Asian countries.

Hong Kong's Mr. Vampire

A short history of Mr. Vampire—Hong Kong's spookiest Halloween monster.

How to Play Dreidel

This video shows the steps for playing dreidel. Use this template as a starting point for your own Hanukkah-themed video,or update the scenes and swap out the dreidel assets for something else entirely. This video starts out by explaining the game of dreidel and moves into the steps. You can try doing the same in your explanatory videos.

My Owners Are Home From Holiday

A short but creatively impressive vignette. The animated shapes as eyes put the viewer into the perspective of a dog as its owners return home. Use this template as a jumping-off point to create your own first-person perspective piece, or simply draw inspiration to create a new and exciting perspective of your own. Take a look at how this video template was created.

Happy Diwali

Deliver a warm greeting in under 20 seconds with bright colors, animated characters, and simple text. Any of the elements in this template could easily be swapped out to fit another holiday. As an added bonus, the short runtime makes it ideal for delivering as a GIF in an email or on Twitter.

Vyond Studio: New Audio Tracks

This video showcases some of the new music and sound effects we added in 2019. Use these scenes to inspire your own videos and explore how music and sound effects can be adjusted in Vyond Studio.

Happy Holidays (Christmas)

This Christmas-themed video uses two versions of each scene to show how the holidays bring joy to people. While many of the scenes feature Christmas motifs, there are also office and home scenes that can easily be used for non-holiday themed videos.

Talktober Office Event

Use this template to educate your employees on a new company initiative or event. With a combination of characters and on-screen call outs, you can use this template to quickly convey essential information about a new company program.

Going Green

Educate your audience on the perks of going green with this video. The first half of the presentation has quick facts about pollution and waste, while the second half contains tips that can be swapped out with ones that fit your workplace.

Winter Sale

Highlight your business’s winter sales with this template. It gets customers in the mood for the season, with animations of dancing skiers, reindeer, and gingerbread men. Customize the video by adding your company’s unique discount codes.

Quarterly Planning Presentation

Every company has goals. This template makes it easy to illustrate those objectives with smooth animations and text that can be replaced with your own company’s aspirations and targets.

National Coffee Day

Numerous hand gestures and large popping text make coffee the star of this video. Swap out coffee for virtually anything, and this template can be used for calling out a holiday or even promoting a product.

Sick Leave Policy

Use this template to explain your company’s sick leave policy to employees. Update the video by creating a new voiceover recording for explaining the unique details of your company’s policy, such as who to notify about taking a sick day and how many sick days are allowed. You can also change the text in the video to display your HR team’s contact information.

Vyond: Hand Gestures

This video showcases the hand gestures available in Vyond Studio's Contemporary style. Explore this template to see what's possible.

Video Resume

Wow employers by making a video resume with this template. The video format is a fun, creative way to highlight your skills, experience, and educational achievements. Update the character details to reflect yourself, and edit the text to share your background details and contact information.

The History of Skateboarding

It may be unlikely that you’re looking to tell this exact story in your training, but this template video illustrates how to get creative with character creation, motion, transitions, and effects in Vyond. Replace scenes and props in this video to explain the history of a topic or pull out individual scenes to use skateboarding elements on their own. 

Sale Promotion GIF

This short template is perfect for promoting your business’s sale on social media or via email. The subtle will help you catch buyers’ eyes as they scroll through their feeds or check their inbox. The video is currently about a Valentine’s Day sale, but you can customize it by switching the font colors and text.

Breakfast Panel Event Invitation

Use this template to share details about your company’s upcoming panel events. It includes placeholders for your event’s location, time, and speakers, as well as a spot for your company’s logo. The video is currently promoting an in-person event, but you could adapt it to promote a virtual event as well.

Company Happy Hour Invitation

Promote your company’s social events with this fun invitation template, complete with characters socializing, eating, and drinking. Customize the video by adding in your own event information, such as the location and RSVP details, along with your company logo.

Parental Leave Policies - Common Craft

Not sure how to explain your policies? Video, especially animated video, is an ideal medium for teaching the guidelines. You can break down the complicated details of these policies visually, making them easier to understand. Use this template to inform employees about your company’s parental leave policies and your state’s parental leave laws. The video is currently about California’s policies, but you can replace the state image and supporting text to fit your own locale.

Team Intros (Onboarding)

Invite new hires to watch this template as a way to introduce them to each department on your team. You can edit the main character to reflect your own look and style and add a new voice-over recording to describe each team. This video introduces the teams in Vyond's US office. Note: The template does not include our custom characters.

Municipal Communications: Transportation Announcement

Use this template to share information about public services, such as transportation. The video is currently about changes in transportation service, but you can update it with text and backgrounds from Vyond’s library to make any type of municipal announcement.

Conflict Resolution Training: Attribution Bias

Use this template to teach employees about resolving issues with coworkers. It offers strategies for managing emotions at work and shifting to a positive mindset. This template specifically focuses on the issue of attribution biases, but you can replace the text, images, and narration to address another topic.

Proper Bedside Manner

Use this template to teach health care professionals strategies for building positive relationships with their patients. Highlight “dos and don’ts” by adding your own text next to the video’s large red X and green checkmark symbols. The video doesn’t include a voice-over recording, so it’s especially easy to update for your workplace.

Mental Health: 4 Tips to De-Stress

Use this template to help employees manage the ongoing pressures of work. Keep just the four tips that are already provided, add tactics that are especially relevant for your workplace, or swap out these assets to tell an entirely different story.

Retaliation Scenario

This instructional video shows a hypothetical workplace scenario in which one employee reports another’s unsafe practices to management. Even though the employee who reported the safety issue had everyone’s best interests in mind, he is teased, shunned, and retaliated against by others. The video is designed to help you create your own branched story about what retaliation is and how to handle it.

Vyond: Hand Gestures (Online Shopping, Furniture)

This explainer template uses hand gestures to draw the audience to key points of interest. This is great for making your own explainer video where a device needs to be used or features need to be explained in an easy-to-follow way.

Vyond: Food Props

You don’t need to be in the food business to make use of this template. This video features screenshots of a smartphone screen, making it great for promoting your own app and showcasing its interface. You could also use this template to promote healthy eating, a fun food-themed event, or virtually anything else.

Vyond: Seasons Greetings

Deliver a warm holiday welcome with this seasonal template. With festive music, this greeting is perfect for sending to your audience to celebrate the holidays. There’s even a spot at the end for your company logo, making this one quick and easy to customize.

Parental Leave Policies - Contemporary

Not sure how to explain your policies? Video, especially animated video, is an ideal medium for teaching the guidelines. You can break down the complicated details of these policies visually, making them easier to understand. Use this template to inform employees about your company’s parental leave policies and your state’s parental leave laws. The video is currently about California’s policies, but you can replace the state image and supporting text to fit your own locale.

Fit February

Fit February is a month-long competition where employees form teams and accrue points for practicing healthy habits like exercising and getting enough sleep. The goal is to focus on your heart, so the more you get moving, the more points you earn, and the healthier you’ll be. We created this video to encourage our colleagues to take part in Fit February. Watch what we produced, then copy what we’ve made to use for your own internal challenge.

Vyond: Kinetic Typography

To show you how easy it is to create kinetic text videos in Vyond, we made this example in about an hour. Log into your Vyond account to open this video as a template.

Vyond: Rich Text Editing

With Rich Text in Vyond can make various text adjustments within one text box. Use this template to inspire your own text-based videos.

7 Tips for Airline Travel

Forward motion is key in this video, as the character travels through various scenes. On-screen text is placed on top of the animation as it’s happening, giving the video an energetic feel. Use this template to share travel tips with your team or swap out the character, text, and even the backgrounds to explain an entirely different topic.

Product Promotion

This template makes promoting your product easy, with split-screen animations, on-screen text, and icons that can be swapped out with your own product and logos. The short runtime of this template makes it especially suitable for a social media ad feature.

Vyond: Color-Changeable Whiteboard Animation Props

Did you know it was possible to change the colors of Whiteboard Animation props in Vyond? Use this video template to learn a few useful tricks for whiteboard animation videos including color emphasis, hand-drawn whiteboard effects, camera movements that follow narration, and synchronized sound effects.

3 Reasons to Attend an HBCU

This video breaks down what Historically Black Colleges and Universities are, using real images with animated hand gestures and narration. This template can easily be modified to showcase any location with replaceable photo templates that can be used to feature a school or other destination.

Stress Awareness Month: Reducing Stress at Work

In this template, yoga instructor, Lihi, shares strategies for reducing stress at work. Use this template to provide concrete tactics for employees who may be feeling overwhelmed. To customize this video for your workplace, create your own character based on someone from your team to share the tips.

Sales Rep Video Bio

Introduce yourself to new prospects with this sales rep video-bio template. Edit the character in the template to reflect yourself, and update the placeholder text to include your name, title, role details, and contact information. You can also adjust the background colors to match your company’s logo.

Perfecting the Pitch

Use this template to teach employees how to effectively deliver pitches about your company. Update the video with a new voice-over recording so the main character is talking about your company instead of Vyond. You can also edit the character details to depict one of your own employees, so the video feels a bit more personal for your team.

Overcome Your Creative Block

This template is a great jumping-off point for explaining health and wellness concepts, with split-screen scenes that allow you to quickly compare lifestyle changes and benefits. The scenes can be swapped, making this template especially great for any comparison videos.

Tips for Successful Support Calls

Teach your team how to successfully run support calls with this template about customer communication. Substitute your company’s favorite support call tips for the recommendations we include with this template. You can also replace the voiceover recording and speech bubbles to show the script you’d like your support reps to follow.

Customer Support Training: The P.E.T.E Framework

Use this template to help employees manage sales and support calls more effectively. This video focuses on one particular framework—P.E.T.E.—but you can change the voiceover and individual points to model best practices for your own support team.

Summer Sale

Use this template to promote your business’s summer discounts. The video includes placeholders for your campaign name, for discounts, and for supporting coupon codes. The video can be updated for any seasonal sale campaign.

Explainer Video - Brand

Highlight your brand’s mission and the strengths of your product with this explainer template. Make the video your own by swapping out the background color to match your company’s logo. There are also placeholders to include your company’s web address and logo image.

Valentine's Day Love Story Promotion

Use this template to promote a Valentine’s Day-themed marketing campaign. Update the valentine images in the second frame to include stories from your actual customers. You can also adjust the text and images to promote a campaign for another holiday.

Information Security Awareness - Contemporary

Use this template to teach employees why information security is important and share best practices for avoiding data breaches. You can easily replace the voiceover recording and/or the text to add information about your company’s security policies.

Customer Support Phone Training: Insurance Claims

Teach your support team best practices for interacting with customers with this template. It uses the example of a customer who is frustrated about their insurance, but you can easily replace the narration to make the story about your own product.

Stress Awareness Activities

Use this template to educate employees about managing stress in their professional and personal lives. April is a great time to share the video with employees since it’s Stress Awareness Month, but it will be equally useful for your team at any point in the year.

Information Security Awareness

Use this template to teach employees why information security is important and share best practices for avoiding data breaches. You can easily replace the voice-over recording and/or the text to add information about your company’s information security policies. Visit our resources center to learn more about creating cybersecurity-awareness content.

Announcement: Instagram Stories

With this template, you can quickly create an Instagram or Snapchat Story to market your brand. The template is full of bright pastel colors, so it perfectly fits the fun vibe of social channels. We’ve already oriented the video to match the Story format, so your customers have an optimal viewing experience.

Pride for Instagram Stories

Use this short, customizable video to celebrate Pride Month at your company. Then upload it to Instagram Stories and rotate the video. 

Software Product Explainer

Use this template to show off your software product to potential customers. Show viewers how they can use your product by including screen recordings of your software on the computer screen prop. You can also add text to highlight the main features of your software.