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Professional Plan for Agencies

Vyond videos get results for your clients.

Change the way you create

Fast and easy video creation

With Vyond, you can quickly create professional videos to communicate better with your clients’ audiences. Our drag-and-drop interface dramatically simplifies video creation, freeing up time and letting you tackle other projects. Moreover, hundreds of pre-made templates and global editing features allow you to create multiple versions of any video with a few clicks. Lastly, built-in branding options make it easy to conform to your clients’ brand guidelines. Whether you’re an agency, a professional services organization, or a consultant in the training and e-learning field, Vyond makes it easy for you to create media that exceeds clients’ expectations.

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Expand your offering

Vyond provides an easy, simple, and cost-effective way to add video to your solution portfolio. Our affordable subscription rates and reasonable rights transfer fees mean you can offer custom and professional animation services to your clients while maintaining solid profit margins. Through Vyond videos, there is no limit to the number and types of stories you can tell.

Communicate better using animated videos

Prospects and customers today are more video native than ever. According to Wyzowl, two-thirds of people (66%) said they’d prefer to watch a short video to learn about a product or service, far ahead of the 18% who prefer to read text. Emails with video improve click-through-rates by 300% (Forrester). And, video ad creative has the highest CTR of all advertising media types.

How it works

Our commercial rights transfer fees are inexpensive and ensure your clients are properly licensed to use their videos in perpetuity.

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Other plan options

Vyond for Enterprise

The best option for large companies, such as professional services firms, who will be producing videos for their clients at scale is Vyond for Enterprise. One pillar of the Vyond for Enterprise solution is an expanded rights package in which global rights transfers can be rolled into the overall solution on a flat rate basis. Please contact your Account Executive or contact us to learn more.

Ad Hoc

This is the simplest method for one-off rights transfers. Contact us at [email protected] each time you want to transfer the rights to a video to a third party and a $99 per video fee will be applied.

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