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Agency and Producer Program

Vyond videos get results for your clients.

Change the way you create

Fast and Easy Video Creation

With Vyond, you can quickly create professional videos that captivate any type of audience. Our drag-and-drop interface dramatically simplifies video creation, freeing up time and letting you to tackle other projects. Moreover, hundreds of versatile pre-made templates and global editing features allow you to create multiple versions of any video with a few clicks, and lastly, built-in branding options make it easy to conform to your client’s brand. Contact us at partners@vyond.com to learn more.

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Expand Your Offering

Vyond provides an easy and cost-effective way to add video to your solution portfolio. Our affordable subscription rates and reasonable rights transfer fees mean you can offer custom and professional animation services to your clients while maintaining solid profit margins. Through Vyond videos, there is no limit to the number and types of stories you can tell.

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Transform The Way Your Clients Communicate

Videos engage and motivate like no other media. According to Forrester, employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than read text. And Wistia reports that people spend an average of 2.6x more time on web pages with video than without.

Whether you’re an agency, professional services organization, or a consultant in the training and e-learning field, Vyond makes it easy to create media that exceed client expectations.

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How it Works

Our commercial rights transfer fees are inexpensive and ensure your clients are properly licensed to use their videos in perpetuity. Additionally, we offer volume discounts on fees for organizations creating videos at scale.

Ad Hoc

This is the simplest method for one-off rights transfers. Contact us at support@vyond.com each time you want to transfer the rights to a video to a third party and a $99 per video fee will be applied.

Production Partner Program

This is a program designed for freelancers and small production companies. The short program agreement contains a fee schedule with escalating volume discounts. The schedule can be written on a per-video or per-minute basis, depending on the nature of your work. Contact us at partners@vyond.com to learn more.

Vyond for Enterprise

The best option for large companies, such as professional services firms, who will be producing videos for their clients at scale is Vyond for Enterprise. One pillar of the Vyond for Enterprise solution is an expanded rights package in which global rights transfers can be rolled into the overall solution on a flat rate basis. Please contact your Account Executive or email us at sales@vyond.com to learn more.

Find a global production partner


Marlene Heidinger

Phone: +436769265484
Email: marlene.heidinger@gmail.com
Speciality: eLearning

Czech Republic



Phone: 593983082824
Email: danielpaliz@gmail.com
Speciality: eLearning

European Union

Converging Solutions LLC

Phone: 1-612-460-7622
Email: robb.bingham@convergingsolutions.com
Speciality: eLearning



Phone: +4972140246085
Email: info@carave.video
Speciality: eLearning


Priyanimakers / Priyavideos

Phone: 09810040764
Email: priyanka.s.sarin@gmail.com
Speciality: eLearning

Even Digit

Phone: +91-623-266-6591
Email: info@evendigit.com
Speciality: eLearning


Phone: +919977760011
Email: loginakashg@gmail.com
Speciality: eLearning

Corporate Sculptors

Phone: 09717941050
Email: stevensexplainer248@gmail.com
Speciality: eLearning


Mitemo Co., Ltd

Phone: 03-4572-0407
Email: inui-y@mitemo.co.jp
Speciality: eLearning

Licel, inc

Phone: 09070093110
Email: web@licel.jp
Speciality: eLearning


Madad Ali

Phone: +923122640389
Email: madad.ali7897@gmail.com
Speciality: eLearning


Phone: +923145960923
Email: usmanchoudhary02@gmail.com
Speciality: eLearning


Phone: +923340652790
Email: hello@jazmove.com



Phone: +51963883441
Email: leonardofalcone1@gmail.com
Speciality: eLearning


ADAM – Miloš Janečko

Phone: +421948936686
Email: adam.janecko@gmail.com
Speciality: eLearning


enpointe. GmbH

Phone: 0041 79 711 84 14
Email: jochanan.harari@enpointe.ch
Speciality: eLearning

The Netherlands

Ennimate Explainer Animations

Phone: 0031 13 234 008
Email: info@ennimate.com
Speciality: eLearning

United States

Lavender Dragon Team LLC

Phone: 6154311304
Email: marynunaley@lavenderdragonteam.com
Speciality: eLearning

JumpStart Video LLC

Phone: 303-495-7660
Email: joel@jumpstartvideo.net
Speciality: eLearning

Converging Solutions LLC

Phone: 1-612-460-7622
Email: robb.bingham@convergingsolutions.com
Speciality: eLearning

TJ’s Animation Workshop

Phone: 662-590-8301
Email: greenroyaleceo@gmail.com
Speciality: Video Production

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