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Japan Content Pack, Search in Japanese, and Japanese Help Center Articles

Japan Content Pack

From sushi to Mount Fuji and plenty in between, the Japan content pack has arrived! This year we’ve seen a great wave of requests for content relating to Japan. So we’ve created this bumper collection of backgrounds, props, clothing items, and actions. The team behind the creation of these new items are all dreaming of visiting Japan now, and their level of ramen consumption has drastically increased!


Here is a list of our newly added Japan content in Business Friendly:

  • Props: 174 props, including a bullet train, traffic lights, household items
  • Backgrounds: 9 backgrounds, including shops and travel locations
  • Character Creator items: 15 upper items, 8 lower items, 6 feet items, 8 face decoration items, including yukata and uniforms
  • Actions for Adults: 37 new actions for adults, including using a fan and giving a business card with both hands

In the showreel templates below you’ll also find:

  • 15 template scenes for Japanese locations
  • 96 characters wearing outfits from this release

Templates and characters. Use this video template >


Props, actions and backgrounds. Use this video template >


Spanish, Japanese, and more languages in the Help Center

No matter how you say it, our latest update is worth celebrating.

The Vyond Help Center now supports nine new languages, allowing more makers to get support in their preferred language. Toggle between English, or any of these recent additions:

To find tutorials in other languages, visit the Help Center >

Search in Japanese

You can now search for items in the library with Japanese keywords! We are experimenting to cover the majority of props and actions, but of course, all the latest Japan-themed assets are already searchable in Japanese.