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Using Vyond Templates

With our new templates, you can make 10x more videos, 10x faster and more efficiently. 

Companies have valuable information to communicate to their stakeholders —customers, employees, communities, and prospects. Employees are remote or hybrid, and often distributed globally, making it even more difficult to communicate with them. Each successive generation of the workforce has a higher threshold for engagement and is more video-native.

So how do you cut through the noise and truly get your stakeholders engaged and motivate them to take action? The only answer is video! According to Insivia, audiences retain up to 95% of information conveyed through video.

Traditionally, making a video is hard. It requires expertise, time, and money. With Vyond’s video animation software, creating videos is 10x faster and more efficient than creating live-action videos. And when you use our new starter templates, with pre-loaded props, backgrounds, scene transitions, and more,  the process becomes even faster and more efficient. 

Building a video using our new starter templates is simple! 


Three Template Types

Video Template Library

A screenshot of the Vyond template library, part of the resource post "Using Vyond Templates"


The video template library is located on the main Vyond website and has 200+ fully scripted templates to choose from. Looking to create a video for your new DEI initiative, a sales enablement video, or an explainer? The video template library allows you to get a head-start on your video creation, potentially saving you hours of time. 

Starter Video Templates


 A screenshot of starter video templates on Vyond Studio. Part of our resource post "Using Vyond Templates" 


These almost 200 templates appear when you click “Create a new video.” These video templates are an ideal place to get started on creating a video. They’re not fully scripted but have many commonly used and requested layouts. Want to create a video to thank your employees? Want to create a simple course introduction? Here’s where to start. 

Scene Template Library


 A screenshot of scene templates on Vyond Studio 


Did you know that we have 2300+ individual scene templates to choose from, all pre-populated with backgrounds, animated effects, props, and characters? From a scene set in an office to metaphors set in space or on a pirate ship, the scene template library has scenes that will make your video shine. When editing your video, click on “Scene” in the top-left corner to access the scene template library, or select “choose template” after clicking “add scene” on your timeline.  


Creating by using Vyond Templates

Both scene and video templates can be quickly and easily used to create videos of your own. Choose scenes you like from other videos, modify them with your own props, actions, and voiceovers, and mix and match with scenes you’ve created yourself – or modify a whole video from the video template library. The opportunities to quickly and easily create your own videos from pre-existing templates are endless. 

Start using our templates today with our 14-day free trial.