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Vyond Fall 2023 Release: Generative AI, Accessibility, and an Infinite Library

We’re excited to introduce the Fall 2023 Release of Vyond, which adds several new AI-powered capabilities that empower customers to go from vision to video in minutes. In addition to generative AI, this release also includes integrations that provide access to a larger content library, features designed to make your videos accessible to the widest possible audience, and more.

For more information about the new features and to see them in action, watch the Fall 2023 release webinar.

AI-Powered Features

Text to Prop (Beta)

Plan type: Professional and Vyond for Enterprise


If you can imagine it, you can have it in your video: instantly create an infinite library of props in Vyond’s style with the power of generative AI.  

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Video to Action (Beta)

Plan type: Professional and Vyond for Enterprise


Looking to give your characters more realistic actions and reactions to enhance your storytelling? If they don’t exist yet, make them! Generate any movement for contemporary-style characters by uploading a video of the custom action you’d like. 

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Closed Captioning with VTT & SRT Export

Plan type: All plans


Make your videos accessible to the widest possible audience with closed captions. Automatically transcribe your voiceover, then export TTS and audio to an SRT or VTT file for use with courseware authoring tools, an LMS, or video-hosting providers. These captions exist as a separate file and can be turned on or off. 

Open Captioning

Plan type: All plans


In addition to SRT/VTT file generation for closed captioning, you can now add open captioning (captions “burned” directly into the video file) directly from the Vyond workflow—no manual typing or third-party vendors required! 



Plan type: Professional and Vyond for Enterprise


Millions of stock images and videos are now integrated directly into the Vyond library! In addition to our own ever-expanding library, you’ll now have access to Shutterstock’s library of images and videos right in the Vyond platform. 

WellSaid Labs

Plan type: Vyond for Enterprise

WellSaid Labs integration to Vyond. Part of Vyond's Fall 2023 release

AI voices from WellSaid Labs, the top AI voice platform built for the enterprise, are now available in Vyond! A total of 66 high-quality English voices with 7 accents join Vyond’s voice library. 

Other Exciting New Features

Vyond Go Multilingual Support

Plan type: Professional and Vyond for Enterprise

Vyond Go now supports multilingual output in 70+ languages and accents! Simply enter your prompt, select your desired output language, and watch while Vyond Go generates your video in your preferred language in seconds. 

Quick Edit Enhancements

Plan type: All plans

Breathe more life into characters: now you can adjust and edit voices and intonations easily and efficiently across scenes within Quick Edit. Replace characters or voices and adjust text-to-speech settings directly from the Quick Edit screen. 


Plan type: Professional and Vyond for Enterprise


Save valuable time by creating your own Collection to easily organize your favorite assets. Create branded Collections, save your favorite props and characters, organize audio files and uploaded content — all easily searchable — to create videos faster than ever before.

Custom Color Palette

Plan type: Vyond for Enterprise

Custom color palettes - vyond fall 2023 release

Bring your brand to life faster with reusable custom color palettes! Now you can save color palettes to My Library for later access. Previously, color palettes were reset when creating a new project. 

Want to see these exciting new features in action? Register to watch our free November webinar, “Infinite Props, Instant Actions: Vyond’s Fall 2023 Release,” live or on demand!

Watch the Fall 2023 Release Webinar