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GoHealth Powers Better Customer Service with Vyond

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Agents answer customers’ questions quickly and accurately with repository of 50+ Vyond microlearning videos

About the company

With partnerships across the private health insurance ecosystem and expertise in Medicare, GoHealth is a publicly traded health insurance marketplace helping improve access to healthcare in the U.S.






GoHealth’s 2,000 service agents help customers across the U.S. successfully enroll in new healthcare plans with one of the platform’s many partner insurance carriers.

To give good guidance to customers calling in, agents have to stay up-to-date on countless insurance plans, eligibility criteria, and state-by-state nuances. But many of them were struggling to answer the same types of questions, which required them to place customers on hold until a manager was free to assist them.

Hoping to improve the customer experience, GoHealth’s L&D team decided to give agents access to more workflow-based learning.

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The L&D team built out and populated a knowledge management system, a central repository with answers to customers’ most commonly asked questions, as well as news and updates that agents should be aware of.

Wherever they could, the team presented complex new information as microlearning videos in Vyond to help agents grasp what they need to know quickly, with consistent intros and outros, giving the collection a cohesive feel so agents know what to expect.

How Vyond helped

To date, the team has stocked the knowledge management library with over 50 Vyond microlearning videos to help agents answer customers’ questions quickly and accurately. The team continues to add targeted microlearning videos as state rules and carrier policies change, and continues to monitor the impact on customers’ wait times with the goal to reduce them.

Beyond the knowledge management library, the team uses Vyond to incorporate more storytelling into courses like leadership training and pairs Vyond with tools like Articulate to incorporate interactivity into their training content. The team also plans to replace some in-person training sessions with a series of pop-up 90-second Vyond videos, a change that will save them significant time and money.

Extensive usage has led to the expansion of Vyond’s footprint throughout the organization. As a result, GoHealth recently upgraded to Vyond for Enterprise to take advantage of exclusive Enterprise-only features like WellSaid Labs, an AI-powered text to speech tool, and Shared Spaces, a powerful organizational feature that allows their teams to quickly and easily collaborate.

The company’s training content is getting noticed externally too: one of their onboarding courses received a 2023 ATD “Excellence in Practice” Award, and another project earned them a Stevie Award for “Achievement in Human Resources.”

“What’s special about our team’s experience with Vyond is our relationship with customer success and their responsiveness,” says Lauren Merrild, Senior Manager, Learning & Development. “The timeliness of their feedback has really helped us move forward on projects with quick turnaround times.”

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The premade templates in Vyond are amazing. I love them. I'm always able to find what I need in terms of what I want to convey with the storytelling that I'm doing.

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Lauren Merrild
Senior Manager, Learning & Development, GoHealth

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