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Animated Video Maker Vyond Creates Engaging Video for Your Audience

December 17, 2021

An animated video maker steps up the game for business professionals as it drives customer engagement more than ever through the power of storytelling. Using videos for telling stories is a great way to create solid connection and establish trust with the most diverse audience. With the right online animation tool, you can create characters and scenarios your audience can relate to.

What Is the Best Animation Program for Beginners?

An animated video maker has become widely accessible today as the market offers a wide range of animation software for beginners and professionals alike. As a beginner with basic design knowledge or no prior knowledge about video editing, you need to find the right online animation tool suitable for your needs.

Vyond provides cloud-based animation solutions to help companies develop marketing, training, and HR animations. But most importantly, Vyond is one of the best animation programs for beginners like you. Here’s what you need to know about Vyond.

About Vyond

Vyond is an animated video maker that allows your business to quickly and easily make professional animated videos across all industries in areas such as marketing, training, and eLearning. It was established in 2007 and was formerly known as GoAnimate.

The online animation tool aims for businesses to boost engagement and communicate more effectively. Although they can accommodate a broad range of video specifications, including common applications like explainer videos, marketing videos, and training videos. Plus, a whiteboard video proved to be effective in engaging the audience.


  • Drag & Drop. With a drag & and drop option, you can easily manage and edit your output.
  • Customizable Branding. Businesses can create video clips that are brand-specific and customizable.
  • Data Import/Export. Lets you download and publish animated videos through different social media channels.
  • Customizable Templates. Choose from Vyond’s library of templates and customize it according to your liking.
  • Content Management. Easily create dynamic content by combining different styles/characters and adding animation through realistic movements, actions, and automated lip-synching.
  • Automatic Lip Sync. Make your characters speak to your audience with automated lip synchronization.
  • Collaboration Tools. Vyond members in a Vyond enterprise account can enjoy the shared spaces to access videos and folders with ease and collaborate.
  • Version History. You can easily look back at each saved version of your video. This also makes it easy for team members to track progress.
  • Security. The animated video maker is built on the highest security standards to uphold data security and privacy.

Vyond has the most powerful customization features among online video makers with custom motion paths and thousands of assets. It is the only online animation platform designed with enterprises and large organizations in mind, with industry-leading data security and team administration features. Moreover, Vyond is currently G2’s Momentum Grid Leader for Animation.

You can transform how your organization communicates through a video that’s customizable to meet your brand and department needs with pre-built templates, a library of resources, and a full suite of collaboration tools.


  • User-friendly with pre-built templates
  • Easy to learn
  • Intuitive animation software
  • Creative tools to improve your output
  • Easy way to brand your story
  • High-quality animations
  • Creates professional videos
  • Suitable for team members


  • You need to pay to continue using it.

Nevertheless, Vyond offers reasonable prices for great premium packages.

Vyond remains one of the best animation programs for businesses not specializing in video graphic designing. The online animation tool will easily lead the way, and all you have to do is customize the parts you wish to customize. Furthermore, the animation video maker holds fundamental features necessary for enterprises to collaborate on their output.

How To Make Animated Videos Using Vyond

Vyond offers rich sensory qualities that make it an ideal medium for storytelling. It captivates audience members’ attention on a visceral level by simulating face-to-face interaction. You can create animated videos using thousands of characters, props, and assets with Vyond.

Here’s the guide you need to make a video in Vyond:

#1 Organize your plans & outline your ideas.
#2 Create a script from your outline.
#3 Finalize your storyboard and script.
#4 Choose a template.
#5 Customize templates of your choice according to your liking.
#6 Create your characters.
#7 Make an animated video.
#8 Download or publish your videos on any of your social media accounts.

This comprehensive Vyond Studio video-making guide combines the best Vyond resources from their team to get you started fast. The video below shows what you can accomplish with Vyond.

What Is the Best Animated Video Maker?

Vyond is designed to benefit all levels of experience, from beginners to film school grads. With this level of accessibility, you’ll become a whiz in no time. Certified information security and enterprise-grade solutions put Vyond in a class on its own.

Compared to cheaper alternatives, Vyond is a high-end animation tool where you get what you pay for. The animated video maker offers world-class customer support, certified data security, and rich customization features that keep evolving over time.

With this online animation tool, you’ll create professional-quality videos online at a fraction of the price of traditional video production. The Vyond Studio application includes thousands of props, characters, royalty-free music, complex actions, and multiple animation styles.

Vyond offers a free animated video maker for 14 days. If you want to access Vyond Studio after that 14-day trial period, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan. Tech Times readers can also use the coupon TECHTIMES for 10% off any plan. Try Vyond now and be creative with your storytelling in the easiest way possible!