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7 Holiday Videos to Inspire Your Own in the New Year

All I want for the New Year is inspiration for holiday videos. Lucky for us some of our users and GoAnimate employees have made my wish come true with their own GoAnimate holiday videos. So whether you are not ready to dig into your inbox or want to relive the holiday season, here are seven holiday videos that you can draw some ideas from.


Let’s start with “G-Man” by Mark Deaton, our Head of Customer Success. This video effectively includes all of the winter holidays in a humorous way. Personally my favorite touch is the emotive gingerbread characters at the end. Customizing your character’s expressions is a small detail that goes a long way.


Next we have a “Happy Holidays” video by Act-On Software. Act-On brought the joy and nostalgia surrounding the holidays to life using a GoAnimate holiday template. They successfully made this happen by employing charming characters, smooth camera navigation, and of course, the Christmas jingle (which is still playing in my head). Did you have a smile on your face as you watched it? I did. It’s the kind of video you actually want to find in your inbox.


Erin Champion from our Customer Success team, made a “Christmas Gift Miracle” video that does a couple of things really well. First, the video moves from scene to scene at an effortless pace. Second, it’s a good example of telling a story without any narration, something that is not easy to pull off. Without uttering a single word, you feel the main character’s’ pain and in the case of the guitarist, a moment of true inspiration. This video won our employee video contest and made us all laugh at our holiday party.


DrivenLocal’s “Happy Holidays” video is a succinct, endearing greeting that goes a few steps above just another holiday email in your inbox. Plus, this is a great example of a highly customizable video that you can make quick edits to year after year!

Next up is Emma Cochrane’s “Work Holiday Party” video that efficaciously combines office space templates, holiday themes, and includes plenty of personalized touches. Tailor-made videos allow you to truly convey your organizational brand, the people and professional culture.


Don’t think I’d forget a good example of how to use props in your holiday video. “Latin Traditions for the New Year” by Jessica Gongora is a fun example of compelling narration, transitions, and like I promised, props. In explainer videos like this one, using props as symbols or icons that transition in and out of scenes vividly liven up a longer video.


Finally, SSPR’s used their “Happy Holidays” greeting video as a time to give back to their clients and the community. It achieved the desired effect and received engaged and warm responses from SSPR’s clients. A direct call to charitable action in a video is a highly successful way to set your company apart from all of the others.

If you’re feeling inspired now and don’t want to wait until the next holiday season, fear not, New Years is just around the corner. Just about any time is the perfect time to show off your company’s affable and creative side.