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Need some help getting started? We’ve got the latest Tips & Tricks for beginners and pros alike.

Start the year off right, free Vyond (legacy) video template

Between family, friends, and food, we understand where your priorities lie this season. But we also know there’s work to be done as you begin to execute on your 2018…
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2017’s Most Popular GoAnimate Video Resources

2017's Most Popular Resources We had a year filled with great video knowledge and GoAnimate updates. Get a head start on 2018 video making by reviewing the most popular GoAnimate…
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Hello! From GoAnimate’s Video Producer

My name is Taylor and I'm the newest member of the GoAnimate Team, with the role of Video Producer.  I've been creating videos for over half of my life and…
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Creative Ways to Use Shapes in GoAnimate Tutorial

GoAnimate superstar user, Matthew Dyer, outlined the creative ways that he uses different shape props in his training videos. Check out his tutorial video to learn how squares, triangles, and…
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Making your video: A beginner’s guide

So, you’re ready to make a video, but you’re not sure where to start. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide that will help you take your ideas to reality and…
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Sail the High Seas With Your Very Own GoAnimate Pirates

Ahoy there mateys! Your GoAnimate characters are ready to take on the high seas of animated videos. Join them to find the buried treasure of more engaging video content. Introducing…
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Secure Your Videos With The New Password-Protect Feature

We often receive requests about adding new options for sharing GoAnimate videos. These can range from various video-hosting platforms to email, social and others. Today, we’re happy to announce that…
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Save Your Audience From the Clutches of Boredom With Animated Superheroes

Look up in the sky. It’s a bird..it’s a plane...it’s a cloud-based animated superhero! *cue superhero theme song* Your GoAnimate characters have been hiding their secret identities, masquerading as regular…
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Customizable GoAnimate Characters Get an Update

They may live in a video-maker, but now they look just like us! The GoAnimate characters have been getting mini-makeovers over the past few months, and now they’re ready for their…
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