Character Emotions and Facial Expressions

Facial expressions are superimportant. If a human actor in a live action video or a movie looks bored while talking about something exciting — well that’s just bad acting. It causes a disconnect between the video and the viewer. Animated character emotion is just as important if you want your audience to connect and engage with your video.

Today, our animation team released the emotions “surprised” and “shocked” to help you better tell your story. The animated GIF above shows the initial sketches from our animation team, along with a final “surprised” character action, mixed with a “shocked” facial expression. To achieve this same emotion, click on any Business Friendly character. The Character Settings tab will populate automatically. Find the “Emotions” actions tab to locate the eight new “surprised” and “shocked” actions. Also update the character’s facial expression at the bottom of the action tray to enhance the realism.

We’re continuously improving character facial expressions and emotions. This quarter, we also released new eye shapes in the character creator, automatic blinking, and enhanced eyebrow animation.

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