6 Awesome Ways to Use Continue Scene

Have you tried using the ‘Continue Scene’ tool in all these different ways? Create fluidity with your animations and become a master at video production with these tricks.

Tips covered in this template video:

  • Break down complex actions
  • Time transitions
  • Snappy messaging
  • Change of direction
  • Stop motion
  • Camera movement transitions

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Video Transcription: 6 Awesome Ways to Use Continue Scene

The Continue Scene function allows you to start a scene right where the last one left off. Here are six awesome ways to use Continue Scene in your videos.

Break down complex actions. Continue Scene is the simplest way to show a sequence of actions with smooth continuity. And no need to use entrance or exit effects. You can select all of the scenes and use asset view to adjust characters or props in one go.

Create cut scene transitions that show the passing of time in the same setting. Or build on actions to demonstrate growth.

Create snappy visuals for your message. Continue Scene allows you to reveal text bit by bit. Adjust text size to really capture your audience's attention. Change the background color to make even more impact.

Show a change in direction. Use Continue Scene to help your character or props switch between left and right. Stop motion is an animation technique. Imagine every scene is like a series of photos with small adjustments in every frame. Move the objects a little bit in each scene to get this result.

Combine Continue Scene with camera movements to try this cut scene transition technique. Build atmosphere by focusing on different characters or details in a scene.

Well, that's our roundup of six awesome ways to use Continue Scene in your videos. What's your favorite way to use the Continue Scene tool?

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