GoAnimate is now available in the Wix App Market

At GoAnimate we’re extremely proud to be a part of the do-it-yourself (DIY) online movement. The reason is simple: no one knows a company better than the folks working hard every day within it.

That’s why we’re especially pleased to partner with Wix, which helps millions of people across the world create their own websites. Whether it’s a local bakery or a cloud-based business and intelligence software platform, companies of all sizes around the world use Wix to create professional sites either through customizable templates or from scratch.

Sound familiar? We thought so too. GoAnimate provides the same professional-quality offerings for businesses when it comes to DIY video communications. And that’s why it’s a natural fit for GoAnimate to be featured within Wix’s App Market.

Together we’re driven to empower employees to be the best ambassadors for companies.

Check out the GoAnimate app in the Wix App Market.