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How To Make A Great Video: High Expectations, High Resolution, and Low Cost

Amber, our Community Relations Manager, guest posts on Business 2 Community. In this blog post, Amber highlights how you can make a high-quality, engaging video on a budget.

Here’s a snippet:

It might sound counter-intuitive, since it’s been proven over and over again that people would rather watch a video do almost anything – especially if it means they get to avoid reading something – but it almost always goes back to the script. Reading and writing aren’t dead – they’ve just been repurposed for our visual world.

A good script will combine elements of storytelling with explanation or purpose. Storytelling makes a video memorable, relatable, sharable, and interesting. With a good plot, a twist, character development, and the right setting, your story will have wings. Explanation ensures a pitch is effectively communicated, pain points are illustrated, and the problem/solution set is understood by an audience.”

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