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June Product Update

We’ve made quite a few changes to Vyond Studio since the Beta launched on May 7. Take a look below to learn about a few new features and to get a few helpful tips.

Turn Some Heads

Contemporary characters now have the option of turning their head to a ¾ angle. This new feature is easy to use – just select a direction in the Expression menu.


Better Font Size Control

A new option allows better control over the way text within your videos is sized and formatted. The new auto-font size feature allows you control the size of your text either by clicking and dragging or by choosing a font size from the toolbar. This preserves the ability to make quick adjustments while also allowing for more precise control when creating videos where you’d like a more uniform text style.

New Assets

One of the features that sets Vyond Studio apart is our asset library. Created by our own talented team of in-house designers, we’re constantly adding new characters, props, and character actions.

Since the launch of the Vyond Studio beta on May 7, we’ve added hundreds of new props, outfits, and hairstyles to the contemporary style, along with the addition of 11 new Business Friendly templates. 

Video Rights Transfers

If you use Vyond Studio to create and sell videos for business use by another company or individual, you need to know about video rights transfers. The process of transferring rights from the video’s creator to the person or company that will be using that video for a business purpose is spelled out in our Terms of Service.

Videos for business use can be created with any subscription, but a license to sell and/or transfer the commercial rights is only available with a Vyond Premium, Professional, or Enterprise subscription. Transferring video rights requires a $99 per-video fee.

If you’re interested in creating videos for sale to businesses or want to learn more about commercial rights, contact our Customer Success team for more information.

Featured Help Center Articles

Our Help Center is full of articles written by our Customer Support team to help with common problems, give tips and tricks, and make your Vyond Studio experience better and easier. Take a look at this month’s featured articles:

How do I change languages using text-to-speech?

As mentioned above, Vyond Studio supports 29 languages with Text-to-Speech. Take a look at this article to learn how to use different languages in your videos.

Does Vyond Studio have keyboard shortcuts?

Vyond Studio supports keyboard shortcuts for many common actions to make video creation faster and easier. Read more to learn about how keyboard shortcuts can be used and for a list of supported shortcuts.

How do I create or upload a new character?

Vyond Studio’s custom character creator allows for the fast, easy creation of characters to fit any video – whether you’re making an industry-specific e-learning video, an explainer video, or just recreating yourself or your co-workers.

New TTS Voices

We now support 29 languages with Text-to-Speech in both Vyond Studio and the Legacy Video Maker. See below for the complete list:

    • Arabic
    • Catalan
    • Catalan (Valencian)
    • Chinese (Cantonese)
    • Chinese (China)
    • Czech
    • Danish
    • Dutch
    • Dutch (Belgium)
    • Dutch (Netherlands)
    • English (Australia)
    • English (India)
    • English (Ireland)
    • English (Scottish)
    • English (South Africa)
    • English (United Kingdom)
    • English (United States)
    • English (Wales)
    • Esperanto
    • Finnish
    • French (Canada)
    • French (France)
    • Galician
    • German
    • Greek
    • Hindi
    • Hungarian
    • Icelandic
    • Indonesian
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Norwegian
    • Polish
    • Portuguese (Brazil)
    • Portuguese (Portugal)
    • Romanian
    • Russian
    • Spanish (Argentina)
    • Spanish (Chile)
    • Spanish (Mexico)
    • Spanish (Spain)
    • Spanish (United States)
    • Swedish
    • Thai
    • Welsh