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New Assets: Introducing The Business Friendly Catering Action Set

Hungry Are you hungry for the food industry? Have you acquired a taste for catering, cooking, baking and more?

You’re not a alone.

The big cheese behind your screen decided to whip up a special action set just for you:

Introducing the catering action set in Business Friendly!

Now you can cook up a storm in your stories.

Check out this fun video to see what we’re talking about:

Like it? We thought so. Come and get it!

To get started, just:

  • Login / sign up at
  • Select the Business Friendly theme.*
  • Click through to be brought into the video maker.
  • Drag and drop your character of choice on to the stage.
  • Click on the character to reveal more actions.
  • From the action tab on the left hand side of the stage, select “Cooking and Catering.”
  • Select your action of choice from within the thumbnails.

That’s it! Easy as pie. Happy animating!

*Note this action set is only available in the Business Friendly theme at this time. You must be a business subscriber in order to save videos made in this theme.