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Become a storytelling superhero in our on-demand Masterclass    WATCH NOW

New Features: Lock assets on stage, updated sidebar, hand gestures, and more!

Lock Assets on Stage


A top-requested feature is making its debut: lock assets to the stage! Select the assets you would like to lock to the stage then right click to open the menu to see the Lock option. You can unlock the same way, or try the keyboard shortcuts. This feature makes things much easier when you have lots of assets on the stage during video production.

Keyboard shortcuts



Lock – Control + L

Unlock – Control + L

Unlock all – Shift + Control + L

Lock – ⌘ Command + L

Unlock – Control + L

Unlock all – Shift + ⌘ Command + L


Drag and Drop with Expandable Folders

The sidebar panel is back with added functionality – drag and drop! Folders in the sidebar can be expanded and collapsed, and you can even drag multiple items. How will you choose to organize your videos?

Where can I drag and drop?

  • folders in the video listing page
  • expandable folders on the left side bar
  • the navigation breadcrumb

Shared Spaces for Enterprise


For big teams you need a space for collaboration. We’ve created shared spaces, where you can put videos and folders to allow easy access for the different Vyond members in a Vyond for Enterprise account. 

Shared space features

  • Great for onboarding new members as you can place welcome videos and templates for them to use
  • Easy to create shared spaces and invite all the Vyond users in your organization
  • When someone is leaving, no need to transfer videos as they can all remain in the shared space
  • Account owners can view all shared spaces in the settings panel (upcoming enhancement)
  • More enhancements in the pipeline…

Want to understand more about how Vyond for Enterprise could work for your growing team? Contact to find out more.

Hand Gestures and Other Content

Raise your hand if you’re happy for more hand gestures! New content in this release includes a wide selection of color-adaptable hand gestures, so you can swipe, point, pinch and poke to your heart’s content.

Here is a list of our newly added content:

  • Martial arts characters (Business Friendly): 4 stock characters
  • Kaffiyeh enhancement (Business Friendly): The kaffiyeh items in the Character Creator have been enhanced to be a bit longer
  • Hand gestures (Business Friendly): 120 props including writing gestures, palms up and many more