Shared Spaces


Shared Spaces are a brand new Enterprise feature in Vyond, allowing you to quickly and easily invite team members to collaborate, making teamwork simple. Shared Spaces allow users to create a space, move or copy your videos into the space, and invite team members to join – giving new team members an easy way to get onboard. This reduced time and increased collaboration leads to easier onboarding, enhanced ability of administrators to see what’s going on within their teams, and faster completion of projects. 

How do Shared Spaces work? 

It’s easy! Just click “new shared space” in the left-hand sidebar to create a space. From there, invite team members to a space, populate your space with videos you want shared, and you’re ready to go!

How can I get access to Shared Spaces? 

Shared Spaces is a Vyond for Enterprise-only feature. If you already have Vyond for Enterprise, contact your account manager to set up shared spaces on your account. If don’t yet have Vyond for Enterprise and you’re interested in Shared Spaces and all the other features that Vyond for Enterprise has to offer – including enhanced security, single sign-on, and more – contact for more information.