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Senior Engineer / Lead Engineer
(HTML5 / NodeJS / React)

Hong Kong

Position Summary:

In your role as Senior Engineer you will work on a variety of Engineering tasks as required by the team, including:

  • New feature development
  • Issue investigation and resolution
  • Resolution verification / testing automation
  • Researching new technologies

Your personal preference, ability and the needs of the team will dictate the projects you will work on, including front-end, back-end, database and API development.

Your career progression to more senior engineering roles will be determined exclusively by the demonstration of your ability and the results you achieve.


  • Knowledge of at least one OOP language (e.g. Java or C++)
  • Working knowledge of at least one of the following: Node.js, HTML5/CSS, Javascript client frameworks (e.g. React.js or Angular.js), Javascript server frameworks (e.g. Express.js)
  • Previous working experience in Agile development teams is a plus
  • Previous experience of leadership in software development is a plus
  • Previous experience of test-driven development is a plus
  • Good command of English

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