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Indeed Fuels Sellers’ Success with Vyond

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Vyond-based tools training helps keep 1,000+ Sales reps at peak performance

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Indeed’s sales leadership found a compelling correlation: the sellers most proficient with internal sales tools — customer relationship management software, sales enablement platforms — are also the ones who tend to generate the most revenue. So to help 1,000+ global sellers get the most from sales tools, enablement teams created a training series comprising short recordings of voice-narrated slide decks.

But there was a problem. Product managers for one particular tool noticed sellers were using it less and were also less engaged with training resources about it. So they partnered with Virgenia Hall, Senior Learning & Development Specialist, Systems & Tools, to revamp the training program for accuracy and stronger engagement.

Virgenia saw this project as a great fit for Vyond videos. She was already well versed in the platform: since 2021, Indeed’s Vyond users have spanned Virgenia’s broader team and five others across the company, like Talent Management, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and Information Security.

“I wanted to build a clearer case for not just how, but where, when, and why Sales reps would use these systems and workflows — the ‘what’s in it for me.’ That’s where Vyond would come in,” Virgenia said.

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Virgenia gathered the team’s existing content and prompted Vyond’s AI-powered script and video generator, Vyond Go, with transcripts from the one-minute voiceover training videos. In the draft video outputs, she adjusted the characters and scripts, adding more context around workflow steps, including scenarios to help reps understand why and when they should take certain actions. She also added screenshots of tools’ interfaces where appropriate.

Then she used Elucidat eLearning software to create quizzes at the end of each course that gauged learners’ understanding and a “leaderboard” that showed learners how they were stacking up to their colleagues.

How Vyond helped

Virgenia says Vyond significantly reduced her time investment.

“Recreating those one-minute voiceover sessions into videos would normally have taken me a full day. With the plug-and-play aspect of Vyond Go, it took me two hours,” she says.

Going forward, Virgenia and her team will partner with system owners to do annual reviews of training content to reassess and make any required changes. “I’m imagining Vyond is going to make the updating process a lot less daunting,” she says.

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At one point a Vyond competitor reached out with a pitch and I said ‘absolutely not — it doesn’t do what we need it to do.’ Nothing’s like Vyond. I’m a loyal customer.

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Virgenia Hall
Senior Learning & Development Specialist, Systems & Tools

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